These days, it’s not just a good idea for businesses and organizations to be active on social media — it’s necessary. And that includes churches. Studies show that almost 85% of churches now use Facebook. If your church isn’t already utilizing Facebook to reach current and potential members, now is the time to start! Of […]

Scrolling through social media, there’s a good chance you’ve come across countless social media videos that feature cool progress timing animations. So if you’ve ever wondered how you can add a progress bar to your video, we’ve got just what you need to do this quickly and easily. Adding a progress bar animation can actually […]

Are you an old pro at making sales in person? You may be completely comfortable when it comes to meeting for a sit-down with a potential client over a cup of coffee, but feel blindsided by the thought of transitioning your sales to the online sphere. These days, more and more companies are shifting from […]

There are now 500 million daily active users on Instagram. Think about that. Every day, half a billion people are spending time on Instagram. On average, each of those people will spend approximately 53 minutes per day on the app. The numbers don’t lie. Instagram is where it’s at. And the new frontier is IGTV. […]

Learn how to quickly and easily add captions to any video right on your iPhone. Did you know that studies have shown that 80% of videos watched on social media are played while on mute? That’s why we created Zubtitle. When you use Zubtitle, our software automatically adds captions your videos by transcribing the audio […]

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