Advertising on social media is an extremely effective way to nurture leads for your business and gain loyal customers. And video ads specifically can be a great way to draw people in. Compelling visuals and the chance to speak directly to your consumer base make video one of the most eye-catching and powerful ways to […]

In order for your brand to stand up to competitors and most effectively reach your audience, you have to incorporate video content into your social media strategy. And, in order to do that, you need a great video editor for social media. If you’re creating your video content yourself, then you’re probably already investing a […]

Did you know that two professionals join LinkedIn every second? That’s some impressive growth and a lot of potential for organic reach. If you’re not already sharing content on LinkedIn, it’s definitely time to start. But where to begin? As usual, video content is the way to go. Of course, you have to create great […]

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to watch an entire video if there are captions available? That’s one of the reasons we created Zubtitle. We wanted to build the first automated, on-demand social media video tool (that was also simple and user-friendly) for adding captions to your videos. Video content is […]

How to Use Zubtitle to Add Top Border Video Headlines If you haven’t started incorporating video content into your digital marketing strategy yet, now is the time. Here at Zubtitle, we’re always updating and making it easier for you to put quality video content out on social media. That’s why we recently launched Zubtitle 2.0, […]

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