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Introducing Bulk Pricing & .Txt Downloads

Hey creators! 

We are having a blast building Zubtitle and hearing feedback from all of the video makers out there wanting an easy and efficient way to automatically add captions to videos. We just rolled out a new product update which changes our pricing structure and brings a few new features to your Zubtitle account. 

As always, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas around how we can make captioning videos event easier!  

Introducing Bulk Pricing

We just rolled out a new pricing structure that allows you to purchase “minutes” for Zubtitle usage in bulk. This new structure lets you purchase the minutes you need at a bulk price. Any purchased minutes will be added to your balance and deducted anytime you render a new video (uploading, previewing, and editing is still free).

Instead of paying each time that you render a video, you can now purchase minutes upfront and use your balance as needed. 

New Billing Features

To make the purchase of minutes easier, we also just released integrated billing features which allow you to securely store credit card information and purchase minutes on-demand. 

Any minutes that you purchase will be stored in your balance. At any point, you can always purchase more minutes and add to your balance.

Purchase Caption Minutes

If you need a certain number of minutes outside of our current packages, just email me and let us know.

Introducing Transcript Downloads (.Txt Files)

There are many reasons you may want a text transcript of the captions generated for your video. Whether you’re adding them to your blog page for SEO or using them for closed captions, you can now easily download a transcript in .txt format. 

Anytime you render a video, this new option will be available on the video download page. 

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What’s Next?

We are working on new features to make captioning videos even easier. Keep an eye out for better mobile support, .srt file downloads, and better caption editing tools. Coming soon!  

Keep Creating,
The Zubtitle Team 

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