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Generate social media posts and captions from your video instantly using Artificial Intelligence

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Save time

With our state-of-the-art software, Zubtitle optimizes your videos for social media in just minutes.

Spend less

Zubtitle costs less than half the price of hiring a virtual assistant to add captions or edit your videos.

Ditch confusing apps

Say goodbye to hard-to-use professional video editing software. Let Zubtitle handle all the heavy lifting.

Stop transcribing

Zubtitle automatically transcribes the speech in your video and converts it to video captions.

Let A.I. write your social media posts

With artificial intelligence, it's now easy to generate social media posts from your video content. Upload your video and generate your caption text instantly.

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Automatically generate hashtags and summaries

Zubtitle uses the power of A.I. technology to detect the subject matter of your video content and quickly summarize your content and generate relevant hashtags.

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Repurpose video content as text

Today you can reach a much wider audience by repurposing your videos. Take your auto-generated text summaries and re-share them as text posts on other platforms.

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Go from idea to upload in minutes

Hit record, then plug your video into Zubtitle. Watch as we caption your video automatically with amazing accuracy.

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Step 1: Upload

Upload your video in any size or aspect ratio, select your language, and get ready to watch Zubtitle work its magic.

Step 2: Transcribe & Caption

Our A.I. transcribes the spoken word in your video, converts it to text, and automatically adds open captions to your video.

Step 3: Edit & Customize

Edit your caption text and timing as needed, then style them with custom fonts and colors or select from one of our pre-made templates.

Step 4: Share

Within minutes, your video is ready to download and share online, complete with burned-in captions, custom styling, and more.

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