Easy video editing

Create great-looking videos with our online video editor. Zubtitle's simple, yet powerful tools will help you edit faster and transform your videos into eye-catching content for social media.

Add headlines

Grab your audience's attention with a headline that teases your content with our built-in Text Editor.

Automatic subtitles

Our auto-subtitle engine helps you easily add and edit the text and timing of your subtitles.

Repurpose faster

Build your Facebook audience with Zubtitle. Our all-inclusive video repurposing tool allows you to optimize any video to look perfect for Facebook with just a few clicks.

Resize & crop

Use our quick tools to crop and change your video’s aspect ratio to match any social platform.


Highlight the most attention grabbing portion of your video with our powerful trimming tool.

Build your brand

Stand out from other Facebook creators in by incorporating your unique branding in your videos. Express your creativity and make your content instantly recognizable to build a loyal fan base.

Upload your logo

Use our drag and drop editor to include a custom logo or watermark with a couple of clicks.

Custom styling

Use your brand's fonts and colors, add a progress bar and Save your own templates for even faster editing.

Join top creators getting their message across with Zubtitle

"With around 80% of video content watched with the sound off, captions are imperative to effective content marketing. Zubtitle sees to it that I rapidly get this piece to the puzzle produced, edited and downloaded when I have very little time each day."

Richard Moore

Business Mentor & Sales Coach

"I discovered Zubtitle about a year ago, and I really, really love it because – in order for me to attract my “soul mate” clients – I need to connect with my audience in a really dynamic way. Zubtitle allows me to do that very easily to create branded videos with subtitles that I can share on social media."

Abigail Rebecca

Business Coach

"After months of spending too much money and time on virtual assistants or using a string of inefficient workarounds, I found Zubtitle. It's been a game changer. Not only is the price point incredible, but it saves me a ton of time, the subtitles look great, and it's so simple to use."

Curt Mercadante

Freedom Coach & Public Speaker

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