How to Automatically Add Subtitles to Videos

Learn how Zubtitle automatically adds subtitles to any video and makes them look good

It’s okay. We’ve been there too. Adding subtitles to videos is hard. And if you want to automatically add subtitles to a video, it gets even more difficult. 

We were struggling with this same problem a few months ago. 

We knew using video is an effective strategy to grab the attention of our market. We also confirmed videos increase the engagement and reach of our messaging (compared to other mediums). The problem was, that we thought our video content should be performing better. Much better.

Then we saw a stat that stopped us in our tracks:


Are you telling me that almost 9 out of 10 people on Facebook are watching our videos and seeing our mouths move but aren’t hearing our message? We need to do something.

So we built Zubtitle.

Zubtitle is an online tool that automatically adds subtitles to any video by transcribing the audio and generating subtitle text. Zubtitle offers multiple subtitle text styles and makes it easy to edit subtitle text on the fly. 

How to automatically add subtitles to a video with Zubtitle

Let’s get started and automatically add subtitles to your video:

1. Create a free account

2. Upload your video

Simply click on the yellow Add New Video button in the upper right-hand corner. Now go grab a cup of coffee and let Zubtitle automatically add subtitles to the video.

3. Trim your video

As soon as you upload, you’ll have the option to trim your video’s length. Just use the sliding bar and click the Start Editing button when you’re done. You can also choose to skip the trimming step altogether.

4. Review & edit your subtitles

Zubtitle’s state-of-the-art captioning software may seem like magic. But it’s still a good idea to double-check your subtitles to make sure everything looks perfect. You can easily edit grammar or spelling, as well as adjust the timing of the captions, by using the simple point and click text editor. This is also the section where you can add a headline.

5. Choose a template (or create your own)

Now it’s time to start styling your video. You can select a template from the Default list. There you’ll find templates based on style and sizing. We currently offer three main styles: Focused, Minimal, and Outspoken. And each of those styles is formatted in a variety of sizes: Full Screen Portrait, Full Screen Square, Vertical, Widescreen, etc. If you want to fully customize your video, you can take advantage of all the styling options available on the right-hand menu (detailed below).

6. Customize your subtitles and video styles

If you’d rather fully customize your video to match your personal branding, can navigate between the different styling options in the right-hand menu. You can easily change text and background colors, upload your own custom fonts, fine-tune positioning, add a logo or progress bar, and more.

Remember that if you decide to customize your own video styling instead of choosing a pre-made template, you can save all of that styling as your own custom template so it will be all ready to go for your next video!

7. Download your new video

Just select the download button in the upper-right hand corner to render your new video and download it to your computer or device.

Ready to automatically add subtitles to your videos?

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Want more info? Visit our website to learn how Zubtitle automatically adds subtitles to video and makes them look good 😎.

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4 responses on “How to Automatically Add Subtitles to Videos”

  1. Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)

    May 10, 2018 12:33 am

    Wow… Are you telling me i can actually automatically add subtitles for free

    1. Baird

      May 10, 2018 11:28 am

      Hey There – It’s free to try but you would need to pay to download the video! You can view our pricing here: https://zubtitle.com/pricing

  2. Nelson

    May 10, 2018 4:25 pm

    Any support for Chinese?

    1. Baird

      May 10, 2018 6:31 pm

      Yes! We support Mandarin. Here are the list of languages we support: https://help.zubtitle.com/en/articles/3508540-supported-languages

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