2022 Gift Guide for Creators: The Gift of Content

Want to treat yourself or give a great gift to a content creator or business owner in your life? We've got a list of the best tools and programs that will help you elevate your content creation in 2023.

2022 gift guide for creators the gift of content

We’re back with the second installment of our 2022 Gift Guide for Creators! Whether you’re buying gifts for a content creator or business owner in your life or simply preparing for your own 2023 content, we’re here to help. For part two of our Christmas gift ideas, we’re going to focus on tools and programs that will help you elevate your content creation in 2023. Let’s get started!

2022 Gift Guide for Creators: The Gift of Content 

Best Gift for Customizing Bio Link: Linktree

We all know that one of the most frustrating limitations on Instagram is the lack of link-sharing. The ability to share links has finally been added to Stories. But when it comes to your main profile, there’s only one spot to share a traditional link, and that’s in the coveted link-in-bio field. That makes the link in bio valuable real estate. And it’s why a tool like Linktree is so important. 

Linktree is basically a dedicated landing page for all of the links you could possibly want to share on social media. It allows you to connect your audience to all of your content using just one link. Creating your own Linktree only takes a few seconds, and their basic plan is free! If you want more features and customization options, their paid plans start at $5/month.

Price: free version available; paid options $5+

Best Gift for Social Media Video Editing: Zubtitle

If you want to level up your content creation in 2023, Zubtitle is a perfect gift for any content creator or business owner. Zubtitle's easy online editor helps you add subtitles to video, trim, and repurpose with a few clicks. This state-of-the-art software can transcribe your audio and convert it to timed captions in just a few seconds — which is more important than ever, with 80% of social media videos being watched on mute. You can then animate and style your captions, brand your video, add a headline and progress bar, resize for every social media platform, and much more. You can create two videos per month for FREE. If you want to create more content, paid plans start at $19/month. 

 Price: free version available; paid options $19+

Best Gift for Podcasters: Wavve

If you have purely audio content (like a podcast) that you want to share on social media, Wavve is the way to go. Wavve helps you leverage your brand’s audio content into social media videos that can drive more reach and engagement. You can create custom-branded animated videos formatted for any social media platform with just a few clicks. Wavve offers a free option and paid plans that start at only $10.99 per month.

 Price: free version available; paid options $10.99+

Best Gift for Social Media Graphic Creation: Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that was made for those of us who… aren’t graphic designers. With their drag-and-drop feature, alongside their premade layouts and templates, you can create professional-looking social media graphics easily.

You can choose from their free and paid options, depending on your needs. We recommend the paid option solely for the brand kit feature it includes where you can save your brand’s colors, fonts, etc. Plus, the paid option is only $12.99 per month and includes one-click design resize, over 4 million free photos and graphics, the ability to create custom templates, and more.

 Price: free version available; paid options $12.99+

Best Gift for Stock Images/Videos: Unsplash

When you’re creating content, oftentimes you’ll need stock photography to enhance your content. And the best place to grab stock photos is on Unsplash. You can easily download photos that you can use, royalty-free, for your social media content. The free version of Unsplash allows access to over 3.48 million photos and includes an extensive pool of contributing photographers (over 110,000).

If you want more content, you can upgrade to Unsplash+. This paid version includes members-only content added monthly, unlimited royalty-free downloads, and enhanced legal protections for $7/month.

 Price: free version available; paid option $7

Best Gift for Copy Editing: Grammarly

If you want your written content to sound better than ever before, then it’s time to start using Grammarly. This grammar and spell-check tool will give you suggestions while you write in both desktop applications and sites across the web. From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly’s suggestions are comprehensive and will make sure your final product is error-proof.

You can use the Chrome extension to make sure it edits your writing anywhere you are across the web. If you want basic writing suggestions and tone detection, you can use their free plan. For more advanced editing options, including clarity, vocabular, and tone improvement, try one of their paid plans, starting at $25/month.

 Price: free version available; paid options $25+

What content creation tools or programs are you gifting this holiday season? Tell us in the comments!

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