5 ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creators

Do you want to use ChatGPT to churn out more content faster than ever before? We've got the best ChatGPT prompts for content creators that you can start using today!

5 ChatGPT prompts for content creators

For the first time in history, AI tools are now widely available to content creators, making it easier than ever to create more content in less time. With this recent surge in AI technology, you’ve probably already heard about ChatGPT. But what exactly is ChatGPT? And how can you leverage it as a content creator?

We’re here to give you the lowdown on ChatGPT and offer some prompts perfect for content creators who want to churn out more content faster than ever before.

5 ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creators 

To use ChatGPT’s own self-description, this tool is “an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) language model. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses to text inputs in a conversational manner.”

As a content creator, what you really need to know about ChatGPT is that it can help you write pretty much anything, from outlines and social media captions to full articles or blog posts. But, as an AI tool, it can only create exactly what you tell it to. That’s why you need good, solid ChatGPT prompts in order to fully leverage this tool to create the best possible content.

Let’s go through five ChatGPT prompts that are perfect for any content creator.

1. “Write a YouTube video script.”

YouTube is a social media juggernaut (not to mention, the second largest search engine on the internet). That’s why it’s a great platform to focus on as a content creator. But, with so much content (and competition) on YouTube, it’s important to create quality content that’s optimized with keywords to give you the best chance of getting more eyes on your videos.

If you want to create more high-quality YouTube videos in less time, ChatGPT can be a great tool to use. Just ask the AI program to write your YouTube video script! Make sure you include the title for your video in the prompt, as well as the main points you want to hit upon. 

2. “Write a script for a Facebook ad.”

Facebook can be a great place to advertise your brand. And, like most platforms now, video content is huge, especially when it comes to advertising. Much like YouTube videos, you can use ChatGPT to create a script for your Facebook video ad — then all you have to do is film the video!

The best way to get a great Facebook video ad script from ChatGPT is to give it a very specific prompt. For instance, you could say “write a 1-minute script for a Facebook video ad campaign promoting <insert product or service description>”. The more details you give the tool, the better script you’ll get in return.

3. “Write an Instagram caption.”

Sometimes, as a content creator, the last thing you want to do after creating a bunch of social media content is to write thoughtful, value-heavy captions to go along with that content. Of course, the written captions are absolutely essential, especially on a platform like Instagram. But this is another task that you can hand of to ChatGPT, as long as you use a good prompt.

Try to specify the number of words you want, the topic you’re addressing, and the tone you want used. For example, you could say “write a 100-word Instagram caption about the importance of video marketing in an informative, casual tone, incorporating top trending hashtags.”

4. “Suggest topic ideas.”

There are times when simply brainstorming new ideas can feel overwhelming. And that’s another spot where ChatGPT can step in. If you need some fresh ideas for videos, social media content, blog posts, then you can easily use ChatGPT to give you some inspiration. Just use a prompt like this “suggest 10 topic ideas related to <insert keyword>”.

5. “Create a content outline.”

Maybe you want to write a blog post yourself, but you’re struggling to come up with the structure and subtopics. You can have that content at your fingertips in just a few seconds — with the right ChatGPT prompt. AI tools are great for creating basic outlines. And having an outline may be just what you need to get past some writer’s block. Try asking ChatGPT to “create a content outline for a blog post on <insert topic>”. 

What are your favorite ChatGPT prompts for content creators? Tell us in the comments! 

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