5 Trending Sounds on TikTok to Apply to Your Industry (May 2023)

Want to grow on TikTok? We've put together a list of the best trending sounds on TikTok to apply to your industry in May 2023.

October 29, 2023
5 min read
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5 trending sounds on TikTok to apply to your industry May 2023

We all know how popular TikTok is and what a fantastic place it can be to promote your business. But when it comes to succeeding on TikTok, one of the key elements is pairing your video with the right trending sound.

Because trending sounds on TikTok change on a regular basis, it can be hard to know which sounds you should use to help get the most exposure for your video. That’s why we’re here. Every month, we’ll take care of the research for you and round up a handful of trending sounds on TikTok that you can apply to your industry. Just kee reading!

5 Trending Sounds on TikTok to Apply to Your Industry (May 2023)

1. Trend: Is It An Addiction? 

This trending sound is perfect for everyone — brands, small businesses, influencers, etc. Creators are currently using this sound on TikTok to show off something they’re “addicted” to.

As a creator or influencer, you can use it to show something you’re currently obsessed with that fits into your niche (an exercise you’ve been doing, a take out menu item you can’t stop ordering, makeup or nail polish you’re using, etc.). As a business owner, you could use this sound to showcase some of your new products or services that you think customers will be obsessed with. Here’s a great example from an ecommerce account:

Click here to use this TikTok trend.

2. Trend: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

This trending sound is so easy because you don’t even have to film any video, if you don’t feel like it. This is one of those trends that’s perfectly suited for images, as well as video. Creators are using this background music along with images/video and text on-screen to show something that they do or feel every day… and they don’t plan on stopping.

As an influencer, you can use this as a funny, light-hearted video to poke fun at your own habits (i.e. “bought myself a little yesterday, bought myself a little treat today, will buy myself a little treat tomorrow.”). As a brand or business owner, you can use it to highlight a product or reference the habits you have as an entrepreneur or business owner (i.e. “answered 25 emails yesterday, today, etc.”). Here’s an example from a well-known brand.

Click here to use this trending TikTok sound.

3. Trend: That’s Interesting

This trending TikTok sound uses an audio clip pulled from the television show Parks and Rec. The original clip features Adam Scott’s character from the show, Ben Wyatt, in an uncomfortable confrontation saying, “Okay, well, that’s interesting. You know why?”. When Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) asks why, Ben responds, “Because…” before promptly running away. 

Creators and influencers are using this funny sound to depict a situation where they felt confronted and had no valid response or wanted to run away from a situation. As a business owner, you can also use this sound to highlight an annoying question relevant to your niche or industry or a time in your business journey when you wanted to run away and hide. Here’s a great example from an author: 

Click here to use this TikTok sound.

4. Trend: I Love It

Originating from a Kim Kardashian clip, it’s no wonder this trending sound has currently been used 16.3K times on TikTok. In that original clip, Kim is saying during an interview, “I love it, I mean I’m so passionate about it, and it’s what I do.” This is a great sound because you can use it for a humorous TikTok or in a more serious way.

Some creators and influencers are using it in a tongue-in-cheek way to joke about something they really don’t love (like in this example). But you can also use it as a business owner to show off your products or services and how passionate you are about them. Here’s a great example of using it to showcare a product: 

Click here to use this TikTok trend. 

5. Trend: Bad Blood

This one is rising quickly on TikTok, especially considering that the audio itself just occurred in real-time a few days ago at a Taylor Swift concert. In the original clip, Taylor Swift is addressing an issue happening off-stage between a security guard and a concertgoer. In between lyrics of her song Bad Blood, she yells multiple times at the security guard, saying “She’s fine… she wasn’t doing anything… hey, stop!”. 

Influencers, creators, and brands alike are making fantastic use of this audio. It’s a good one to use in a video addressing an issue or confrontation specific to your niche or industry, allowing you to highlight a real problem while maintaining some decent levity. Here’s a great example from an eye doctor that currently has over 500K likes: 

@eyedocontiktok During an eye exam, I check for consistency and can tell if a child is needing glasses or not for real. I will check multiple measurements (that a kid can’t control) to ensure they really do need glasses. I’d you are being mean, condescending, implying that you don’t believe your child, or expressing disappointment in them possibly needing glasses that can absolutely affect how well they can do on the test. If you make them anxious they will not do as well. Your kids pick up your emotions and apply that towards how they feel about things as well. So if they ~do~ need glasses, now they feel like it’s a bad thing and will not want to wear them. #optometry #pediatricoptometry #glasses #pediatrics #taylorswift #erastour #badblood ♬ original sound - Taylor Swift

Click here to use this trending TikTok sound.

What’s your favorite trending sound on TikTok? Tell us in the comments!

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