5 Viral Reels on Instagram You Can Duplicate for Your Niche (May 2023)

Want to grow on Instagram? We've put together a list of the best viral Reels on Instagram you can duplicate for your niche in May 2023.

October 29, 2023
5 min read
5 viral Reels on Instagram you can duplicate for your niche May 2023

Instagram Reels are key when it comes to organic reach, engagement, and growth on Instagram. But in order to get the most eyes on your Instagram Reel (and even have the chance to end up with a viral Reel), you have to leverage trending sounds. 

We know it can be hard to stay on top of the sounds that are current trending on Instagram. After all, they change every few weeks. That’s why we’re here! We’ll be rounding up some viral Reels every month and giving you ideas on how to use the trending sounds in your own videos. Keep reading for Instagram Reel inspiration!

5 Viral Reels on Instagram You Can Duplicate for Your Niche (May 2023)

1. Trend: Somewhere In The Crowd

This trending audio on Instagram uses a clip from the ABBA song Super Trouper. The infectious, upbeat clip is being used as the perfect background for a variety of video types. Since it’s purely background music, it’s especially good with any videos that are highly visual.

This is one of those sounds where the sky is really the limit. Creators and influencers are using this sound to create viral reels showcasing recent travels, new outfits, workouts, renovations, etc. As a brand or business owner, you can use the audio to provide an energetic backdrop to videos showcasing new products or recent launches. No matter what, the bubbly vibes are sure to help your content stand out.

Here’s a great example from an ecommerce account: 

Click here to use this sound on Instagram.  

2. Trend: Fantasy

Here’s another popular Instagram sound pulled from a decades-old song. Using a clip from Mariah Carey’s song Fantasy, this audio is another one that makes perfect background music for a wide range of videos. 

Creators on Instagram are using this audio as a backdrop for videos featuring everything from sparkly shoes and outdoor vistas to aesthetically pleasing food. As a brand or business owner, you can use this audio to bring a vibrant feel to videos showing your physical location, products, a new project, etc. You can even use it as a quieter background for videos where you’re talking and sharing tips or tricks for your industry.

Here’s a great example using this audio for a brick-and-mortar retail location: 

Click here to use this audio for your Instagram Reel.

3. Trend: If This Is Your Vibe

This trending audio is simply a voiceover stating, “If this is your vibe, I wanna be friends.” Influencers and brands alike are using this audio in trending reels. The best thing about this audio? It’s all about building community, which is especially helpful if you’re trying to grow a small account.

Try using this sound with anywhere from one to eight short video clips featuring things that you love, elements of your business, your products, or simply anything that defines your “vibe”. Don’t forget that you can use on-screen text to make it even more specific to your niche (“if books are your vibe”, “if self care is your vibe”, etc.).

Here’s a great example from a crochet artist:

Click here to use this trending sound on Instagram.

4. Trend: Daylight

This trending sound is another one that makes for perfect background music. Unlike the other two we covered earlier, this audio offers a more soothing, laid-back sound that can work for a huge variety of videos. Creators, influencers, and brands are using it as a backdrop for beautiful photography/videography, animal videos, art, etc. It works especially well with any b-roll type of footage. 

Try pairing this sound with an 8 second-long video. You can use visually aesthetic b-roll footage or something specific to your niche, like a video of you in your workspace or a recent project. Then use on-screen text to make it even more suitable for your niche. Try using your on-screen text to share a misconception about your niche/industry or something that you wish more people understood.

Here’s a great example from doula and postpartum educator: 

Click here to use this sound on Instagram.  

5. Trend: Wes Anderson Film

Welcome to one of the most popular Instagram Reels sounds this month. If you want to create a viral Reel on Instagram, you definitely want to take advantage of this trend. Creators and brands are using this sound as a backdrop for creative videos that are meant to replicate the very specific style of Wes Anderson films.

This is the trend to have fun with! Try to lean into the iconic visual style of Wes Anderson, using symmetric shots, saturated and contrasting color schemes, and self-aware looks to the camera. Don’t forget to add on-screen text near the very beginning and in the thumbnail for your grid so that viewers immediately know that this is a Wes Anderson trend Reel. Just use this for your on-screen text: “You better not turn [mundane event] into a Wes Anderson film.”

Here are a couple of fantastic examples from business accounts: 

Click here to use this audio for your Instagram Reel. 

What’s your favorite viral sound on Instagram? Tell us in the comments!

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