5 Ways to Repurpose Content Using AI

Repurposing is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. And it’s easier than ever to repurpose content using AI tools.

5 ways to repurpose content using AI

We know you’re busy with your life and your business and content creation on top of everything else. And that’s why we’re constantly shouting from the rooftops that repurposing is the best way to get the most bang for your buck, content-wise. With all of the different social media platforms available now, it’s a good bet that you’re present on at least three or four. But that’s no reason to create 10 or 15 different pieces of content per week to dole out across all of those platforms.

Instead, you can just create a couple of pieces of content and repurpose it across multiple platforms (or even take old content and repurpose it!). And it’s easier than ever to repurpose content quickly now, with the advent of AI. You can’t turn around now without hearing about another new AI program or feature — ChatGPT, Open AI, Copy.ai, Canva, etc. 

So how exactly can you use AI to repurpose your content? We’re here to give you some ideas!

5 Ways to Repurpose Content Using AI

Convert videos to blogs

Seeing as it’s 2023 and video content is the it content on social media, we’re assuming you probably already have a few vidoes that you’ve created for your social media accounts or even for YouTube. One of the best ways to use AI to repurpose your content is to take something purely visual, like social media or YouTube videos, and turn it into written content.

Depending on how long your videos are, you could take one single video or even a combination of multiple videos and turn them into a blog post in just a few minutes. How? Just upload your video to Zubtitle and use our state-of-the-art AI software to automatically transcribe the audio in your video. Our tool will convert your audio to timed captions, but it will also provide you with a full transcript of your video. 

Now all you have to do is download that transcript and throw it into an AI content writing tool like Copy.ai or ChatGPT. Use the final product on your website as an easy way to improve your SEO and Google rankings. Don’t forget to embed your original video in the blog post when you publish it!

Long-form to short-form

Maybe you’re in a situation where you already have tons of blog content. If you do, you’re in luck because blogs are chock-full of content that can be repurposed and turned into tons of different smaller content pieces.

One way to do that with AI would be to take a long-form piece of content, like a blog post, and use an AI tool to summarize and condense it into short-form content, keeping only the most essential main points. You can use this shorter and easier-to-digest content as copy across your digital marketing, including social media captions, in your email marketing, or as blurbs on your website. 

Ideas for titles/headlines

When it comes to grabbing attention on social media and increasing your engagement, one of the best tactics is to add a headline to your videos. You can upload a great video, but if a potential viewer can’t tell immediately what the video is about… chances are, they’ll scroll right on by. The problem is, it can sometimes feel hard to brainstorm more eye-catching, interesting headlines that use your target keywords.

AI tools are a great way to get a strong list of headline ideas that you can choose from. You can use this same strategy when it comes to brainstorming titles/topics for blog posts!

Pro tip: Once you’ve used AI to quickly brainstorm a bunch of headlines, you can add your headline to your video with a single click by using Zubtitle

Extract key points

AI tools use natural language processing techniques and advanced algorithms to analyze text and extract key pieces of information. Because of that, you can easily use AI to identify key points in any written piece of content you have.

For instance, if you’d like to create a listicle or infographic for social media, you’ll probably want to draw a few key points from a blog post or some other long-form piece of content you have. You could also use this same technique to extract key points to use in carousel posts on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Create guides/ebooks

If you want to amp up your digital marketing efforts, it’s always a good idea to create a lead magnet for your website. You can use a lead magnet to get more email sign-ups and it serves as a free resource for your audience — which you can advertise on social media, driving more traffic to your website. Sometimes it’s easy to drag your feet on creating a lead magnet because it sounds like a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be, when you use AI to repurpose content.

You can take a handful of blog posts, social media posts, even transcripts of videos — any written content you have, really — and input it into an AI writing tool. Format it a little, throw it into a template on Canva, and bam… you have a lead magnet.

How are you repurposing content using AI? Tell us in the comments!

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