Best TikTok Sounds for Content Creators (September 2023)

Want to grow on TikTok? We've put together a list of the best TikTok sounds for content creators to use this month.

October 29, 2023
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Best TikTok sounds for content creators September 2023

We all know how popular TikTok is and what a fantastic platform it is for content creators. But when it comes to succeeding on TikTok, one of the main keys is to pair your video content with a trending TikTok sound. 

Now, this can be easier said than done, considering how quickly trends change on TikTok. That’s why we’re here. We’ve taken care of the research for you and rounded up a handful of the best TikTok sounds for content creators. Just keep reading!

Best TikTok Sounds for Content Creators (September 2023)

1. Trend: I Pay Attention to Things

This TikTok sound is picking up speed on TikTok with (currently) 44K videos using it. The sound is a sound bite from a song that simply states, “I pay attention to things that most people ignore.” Creators have been using it mostly in a lip-sync format with on-screen text that includes the song lyric, along with an explanation of the thing that they notice that most people don’t. It’s being used for everything from funny, lighthearted observations to deeper, more serious admissions. 

Try using this sound to highlight how meticulous your attention to detail is when it comes to your niche or how closely you pay attention to certain facets of your own industry. You can even use it in a promotional video to showcase any products or services you offer. Here’s a great example to get you started:


detail oriented comms girlies rise up

♬ original sound - bella

Click here to use this TikTok sound.

2. Trend: Disappointing Question

This funny, relatable TikTok sound originated from a video of Rihanna at a panel responding to something that was just asked by saying, “Wow, how disappointing was that question.” Offscreen, the moderator asks if they should move onto another one, to which Rihanna quickly responds, “Absolutely.” This TikTok sound is being used mostly for funny videos and can easily be repurposed by any type of content creator.

Try using this sound to address questions you’re tired of hearing or common misconceptions within your industry or niche. It’s a great way to educate your audience and dispel myths while still maintaining a lightness and humor. This is another that can also easily be used to promote a product… check out the video below for an example:

Click here to use this TikTok sound.

3. Trend: More Passion

This is an incredibly fun TikTok trend that has absolutely exploded this month — it’s currently been used in over 428K videos. It’s definitely saturated, but it’s still a fun trend for creators to piggyback on, especially if you use it in a creative way. The audio is a catchy beat with a man chanting, “More passion, more passion, more passion, more energy, more footwork”. It’s perfect for funny, relatable high-energy videos.

Try using it to create a dynamic video that showcases something that gets you excited or something you have going on BTS. You could even create a fast-pased video montage that highlights a bunch of things you’ve been doing lately. Here’s a good example:


Can you tell which one of us is excited?

♬ original sound - MORE ENERGY 😎

Click here to use this TikTok sound.

4. Trend: I Got A Plan

This trend is just starting to gain a footing on TikTok and originates from a show called Ja’mie: Private School Girl. In this original clip, the main character confidently says, “No, cause I got a plan.” When someone asks what she means, she replies, “Ummm… you’ll find out.” Creators are using this TikTok sound in lip-sync videos to describe something that they do because it’s all a part of a bigger plan. 

Try using this sound to inject some humor into your videos while sharing the things that you’re doing in your life or as a content creator that are all part of your master plan, or even sharing something ridiculous that you do that you’re jokingly suggesting is part of a bigger strategy. Here’s some inspo: 


was delulu enough to just assume everything would work out A-okay 😅

♬ I got a plan - Kardashianicon

Click here to use this TikTok sound. 

5. Trend: I Love This Question

This TikTok sound has blown up on the platform in September with more than 459K videos using it. The audio is simply a woman gasping and saying, “Oh my goodness, I love this question!” Most creators are using this as a lip-sync style video, but some are using the CapCut from the original interview clip. 

Try using this sound in a video that highlights a question within your niche that you love answering… or as a sarcastic response to a question that you don’t love answering. For a great example from a content creator, check out this video: 


You were getting one anway tbh 😳

♬ original sound - Elsie Silver

Click here to use this TikTok sound. 

What’s your favorite TikTok sound for content creators right now? Tell us in the comments! 

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