How to Add Subtitles to Your TikTok Videos (in Seconds!)

If you're creating content on TikTok, then you're going to want to add subtitles. Follow this easy walkthrough to add subtitles to your TikTok videos (in seconds!)

October 27, 2023
5 min read
How to add subtitles to your TikTok videos in seconds

Just like every other social media platform out there, videos on TikTok always perform better when they have subtitles. Why is that? Well, for one, studies have shown that 80% of people are browsing through social media with their volume turned off. So, even on TikTok, that’s a pretty large percentage of people that might not hear your message. Adding subtitles to your TikTok videos is an easy way to remedy this situation. Another reason is simply that subtitles are a nice add-on element that can help you stand out from the competition and keep your audience engaged.

So how can you easily add subtitles to your TikTok videos in seconds? We’re here to show you!

How to Add Subtitles to Your TikTok Videos (in Seconds!)

The best way to add high-quality subtitles to your TikTok videos (the fast way) is with Zubtitle. Zubtitle’s state-of-the-art software makes it quick and easy to add subtitles to TikTok videos (and any other social media content). Just follow these steps:

1. Upload Your Video

After you’ve recorded your TikTok video on your phone, you’ll want to log into your existing Zubtitle account (or create a new one) and upload your video. You can do that by simply clicking the yellow Add a New Video button on the right-hand side of the screen.

2. Edit Your Subtitles

Once you’ve uploaded your video, Zubtitle will automatically transcribe and subtitle your video in just a few seconds. After Zubtitle has handled the heavy lifting, all you have to do is review the subtitles. You can easily make any changes you want — like adjusting the text, adding emojis, or shifting the timing of the subtitles. Just point and click directly in the editor.

3. Style Your Video

Almost done! Your last step is styling your captions and your video. You’re welcome to customize everything by choosing the font and colors for your captions, adjusting the background color, adding a logo & progress bar, manually resizing, etc. Or you can style your entire video with one click by selecting a pre-made template (you’ll find them in the Templates menu).

When it comes to editing TikTok videos, the most important feature is the ability to fine-tune the position of your captions. Remember, your TikTok caption or description is always automatically overlaid towards the bottom of your video. That’s why it’s a good idea to check the box next to the Fine-tune option and adjust the position of your subtitles about a third of the way up the screen, so they don’t interfere with the description text.

After you’re done, it’s time to render and download your newly optimized TikTok video!

Styling subtitles for TikTok Videos with Zubtitle

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