How to Add Video Headlines to the Top Border (Easily!)

Here are the best tips on brainstorming titles for your video and adding your video headline to the top border of your video... the easy way!

October 27, 2023
5 min read
How to add video headlines to the top border easily

When you’ve worked hard on a video and you’re ready to share your masterpiece with the world via social media, you probably want to make sure that people actually watch it. Well, did you know that the average person has an attention span of eight seconds and scrolls through a whopping 300 feet of social media content daily?

In the face of this information, it’s pretty clear that you’ve got to do something to stop those quick-scrolling thumbs. But how do you make sure your video has that effect on your audience? Someone scrolling speedily through their news feed might register the movement of your video, but it’s going to take something compelling to make them actually stop.

That’s why it’s vital to add a video headline. An eye-catching, interest-piquing title at the very top of your video is the best way to grab someone’s attention. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re brainstorming titles for your video.

Adding a video headline to the top border with Zubtitle

1. Refrain from clickbait

Stay away from clickbait-y headlines. Some social media platforms, including Facebook, are cracking down on obvious clickbait. You want your headline to be interesting, but don’t intentionally leave out information or say anything misleading within the headline. It could slow down the distribution of your post and reduce engagement.

2. Create a sense of urgency

Using words like “limited” and “exclusive” or encouraging viewers to “sign up today” in your headline can urge your audience to watch your video as soon as they see it. Everybody likes having access to something special, and nobody wants to miss out. The headline is the perfect place to create that sense of urgency.

3. Keep your target audience in mind

The wording and tone that you choose to use in your headline will depend largely on who your target demographic is. Whoever your ideal customer is, think about what title would stop them in their tracks. What information do they need? What questions do they have? What tone will appeal most to them? And be sure to keep the tone of your headline consistent with your brand voice.

Now there’s only one thing left… how do you add your carefully-crafted video headline to the top border of your video? We saved this for last because it’s easy — as long as you use Zubtitle! Follow the steps below to quickly add your video headline:

1. Sign into or create a new Zubtitle account

If you’re new to Zubtitle, you can create your first video for free!

2. Upload a video

Just click the “Add New Video” button on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Add your headline

To add your title, navigate to the Text Editor option on the right-hand menu. Just type your title into the space provided. As you type, your title will appear over your video on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. Style your headline

Next, navigate to the Text Styles menu. Now you can style your headline by choosing a font (or uploading a custom font), changing the font weight and size, adjusting the line height, text box padding, and more.

5. Customize headline position

You can customize where your title is placed on your video by dragging the dot up or down the Vertical Position scale. If you want more control over where it’s placed, just check the Fine-tune position box. You can also select the alignment of your title so that it’s placed to the left, right, or center.

6. Generate your new video

Zubtitle offers different pricing plans depending on how many videos you’d like to produce per month. With our free plan, you can create up to 2 videos per month.

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