Edit Video Captions with Zubtitle's Transcription Editor

October 27, 2023
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Edit video captions with Zubtitle's transcription editor

The latest Zubtitle update introduces the Transcription Editor which makes editing video captions a breeze

Here at Zubtitle, we are building the first automated and on-demand tool to add captions to videos online. For that reason, we are constantly working on our product to make sure it is dependable, easy to use, and outputs high-quality videos.

If you are using Zubtitle to caption videos, be sure to check out what’s new 👇

We now have a new caption editing interface called the Transcript Editor!

Editing video captions with Zubtitle's transcription editor

The new Transcript Editor offers the following features:

  • Easily view and edit the full video transcript at once in a notepad-style editor.
  • Drag/drop support for caption break placements.
  • Ability to add new caption breaks.
  • Ability to manually define caption break timing (MM/SS/MS format).
  • Compatible with browser spell-check features.

How To Edit Captions Using The Transcript Editor

After you upload your video and Zubtitle automatically transcribes the audio, you will be presented with the new Transcript Editor interface. Think of it as a notepad that lets you change the caption text, punctuation, and timing on the fly.Simply click on the text within the editor to start making changes:

How to change caption text:

Simply click within the text editor to make changes. The video will update as you click the text within the editor and give you a live preview at all times.

Editing video caption text with Zubtitle's transcription editor

How to change the caption timing:

To change the timing of captions and caption breaks, either drag on the red separators (which indicate where the caption break occurs) or click them and manually define the timing.

Changing video caption timing with Zubtitle's transcription editor

How to delete or add a new caption break:

Look for the "+" icon on the right-hand side of the text editor which allows you to add new caption breaks. To remove them, simply click on one of the red separators and use the trash icon.

Editing video caption breaks with Zubtitle's transcription editor

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