How to Grow Quickly on Threads

Wondering how to grow quickly on Threads? We've got some tips and strategies.

October 29, 2023
5 min read
How to grow quickly on Threads

Threads appeared on the social media scene recently and already has 120 million users. Chances are, by now, you’re probably one of them. But figuring out how to establish yourself on a new platform is always tricky. By now, you’re probably wondering what strategies you should use to grow quickly on Threads.

While this text-based social media app connected to Instagram is very similar to Twitter, it’s still a whole new frontier. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and ideas to accelerate your growth on this new platform. 

How to Grow Quickly on Threads

1. Start posting now (and do it consistently)

We know a brand-new platform can feel intimidating, and it may seem easier to wait a while before you jump in to creating content on the app. But here’s the thing — there’s an advantage to jumping on the bandwagon at the very beginning. Meta wants people to use their new app. That’s why early adopters are likely to see further reach than users will further down the road. 

Not only should you get in on the action now… you should also try to post often. The app rewards people who are using it the most, which means posting frequently makes it more likely that your content will be pushed out to a whole new audience. 

2. Repost and engage with your community

Much like Twitter, Threads is designed to serve as a sort of virtual town hall. While Threads also allows you to post photos, carousels, links, and videos (up to 5 minutes long), the platform has made it clear that its purpose is to re-focus on text. With so many platforms depending entirely on visual content, Threads is meant to be a space where words reign supreme, where conversation and debate take center stage. 

Basically, it’s going to be one of those platforms where creating a sense of community is key. Engage with other users by replying to their Threads and sharing their posts to your own account. Reply to any comments you get on your own posts. Show a genuine interest in other people’s content, ideas, etc. 

3. Cross promote on other platforms

One of the easiest ways to grow quickly on Threads and gain more followers is by simply letting people know that you’re there. Because it’s such a new platform, some casual users aren’t thinking about all of the people that they follow across social media and wondering whether or not they’re already on Threads. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re cross-promoting on all of your other social media platforms. 

You can start by adding the link to your Threads account in your bio or About Me section on all of your social media accounts. You can even make a post or a Story letting current followers on these other platforms know that you’re active on Threads. You can then continue to cross-promote and drive existing followers to your new Threads account by sharing your Threads content across your other social media platforms.

4. Test out different content formats

Once again, this platform is a whole new ballgame, so there’s no real way to know what content is going to perform best on your account for your specific audience. That’s why, in order to grow on Threads, you’ll want to test out different content formats to see what gives you the best results. Try creating a content idea and posting it in text-only format and in the form of a video on two different days and see which one your audience responds to the most. 

You can try creating some Threads with emojis and some without emojis and see if there’s a difference in reach. You can add links to some Threads and compare their performance to Threads without links. You can even try sharing different types and lengths of video content. 

5. Use a good CTA

Right now, Threads is still largely focused on conversations and sharing information. That means there’s a pretty significant, untapped space for business promotion. There’s no need to be overly sales-y, but you can try creating some educational or branded content occasionally and add a good call-to-action and a relevant link at the end. 

Again, your call-to-action doesn’t have to be a hard-sell. In fact, it’s better if it’s simpler and more casual. Try using a CTA like “Follow us for more conversation about ____”, “Join us every day at ____ for our daily chat about ______”, or “Tell us what topic you’d like us to cover next week — just reply below!” 

What strategies are you using to grow quickly on Threads? Tell us in the comments! 

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