How to Quickly Repurpose Videos for Different Social Platforms

Every platform has different sizing standards. This tool will help you resize & quickly repurpose your videos for different social platforms.

October 27, 2023
5 min read
How to quickly repurpose videos for different social platforms

Even though it’s always a good idea to create videos with a specific platform in mind, it’s also vital that you don’t limit it to that single platform. If you only share your video in one place, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to reach a larger audience and get brand-new eyes on your videos. And that’s why it’s so important to quickly repurpose videos for different social platforms.

One of the most difficult things about sharing the same video across multiple social media platforms is that every platform has different requirements when it comes to sizing. But here’s the good news: we’ve got a simple tool that will help you resize with just one click and quickly repurpose your videos for different social platforms.

 How to Quickly Repurpose Videos for Different Social Platforms

1. Sign up for a free Zubtitle account

Or sign in to an existing one. 

2. Trim your video

Click the Add New Video button on the right-hand side of the screen. As soon as you upload, you’ll have the option to trim your video’s length. Just use the sliding bar and click the Start Editing button when you’re done. This feature makes it easy to quickly repurpose your videos for different social platforms, since you can adjust the length to fit the requirements of your chosen platform — and it only takes a couple of clicks! You can also choose to skip the trimming step altogether. 

Repurposing a video by trimming in Zubtitle

3. Resize Your Video

Now it’s time to start resizing and styling your video! The fastest way to resize your video is by choosing a template from the Default list. To make this process as efficient as possible, we’ve included the option to sort the Default templates by aspect ratio and/or the desired platform. There are also three main styles for the Default templates: Focused, Minimal, and Outspoken.

Keep in mind that you can also adjust the aspect ratio by navigating to the Resize pane of the editor.


The first size that you’ll see when you browse through the pre-made template section is the Portrait size. The aspect ratio for this size is 4:5, and it’s ideally used for an Instagram feed post. There’s also a full screen Portrait option if you want to eliminate the header and footer from your video.


Another sizing option is the Square size. This one has an aspect ratio of 1:1 and can be used for a variety of social platforms. Square videos can work well on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Just like the Portrait size, there’s a full screen option for this size too.


You’ll also see a Vertical sizing option, which has an aspect ratio of 9:16. It’s perfect for the usual vertical video platforms — namely Instagram and TikTok. Just like the other two, there’s a full screen option if you want to get rid of the colored headline and footer sections.


Finally, we have the Widescreen size. The aspect ratio is 16:9. This is the size you’ll want to choose if you’re uploading your video to YouTube.

When you view the Templates section of Zubtitle, you’ll see that there are a couple of different ways that you can easily sort the pre-made Template options. First, you can choose to sort them by aspect ratio so that only the Templates with the applicable aspect ratios are displayed. 

Second, you can sort them by the social media platform you’re choosing. If you want to quickly repurpose your videos for different social platforms, simply choose the platform you’re uploading to next and choose from the Templates that populate below.

Repurposing a video by resizing in Zubtitle

4. Customize your video

Once you’ve selected a video template, you can navigate between the different styling options in the right-hand menu. You can add a headline and edit your captions under the Text Editor menu option. All of the other styling options will already be set for you, depending on which template you selected. But if you want to make adjustments to match your personal branding, it’s easy to change the background color (under the Canvas option) and add a company or brand logo (under the Logos option). If you do choose to make some styling updates, keep in mind that you can then save it as a Custom Template — you’ll learn how in the next step.

Repurposing a video by customizing in Zubtitle

5. Save your custom template (optional)

If you decide to make adjustments to a default template (such as adding your logo or brand colors), you may want to save your changes so you can use these styles in future projects. Simply click the Save As New button after you’ve finished editing, give your template a name, and you can even add social media tags to help you quickly find your template within your library. If you need to make any additional edits to your template, simply click Update, and your changes will be saved.

Now, when you repurpose videos in the future, you’ll be able to resize and style your video with one click! 

6. Download your new video

Just select the download button in the upper-right hand corner to render your new video and download it to your computer or device. You can repeat this same process as many times as necessary to repurpose videos for different social platforms!

Are you ready to quickly repurpose videos for different social platforms?

If you want to use Zubtitle to quickly trim, resize, and optimize your videos for every social media platform you can sign up for a free Zubtitle account today to get started!

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