How to Use Instagram's 'Professional Dashboard'

Did you know that you can use Instagram's newest feature, the Professional Dashboard, to improve your content and grow your account?

October 27, 2023
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How to use Instagram's Professional Dashboard

Instagram’s newest update has arrived: the Professional Dashboard. It seems like every time we turn around at least one social media platform is releasing a new feature. But Instagram’s Professional Dashboard is one of those features that can actually help you improve your content. 

Instagram has described this dashboard as “a new central destination to help you turn your passion into a living”. What it really boils down to is a management overview platform that you can effectively use to grow your Instagram account. 

So what do you need to know about Instagram’s Professional Dashboard? And how can you use it to improve your content? We’re here with everything you need to know!

How to Use Instagram’s Professional Dashboard to Improve Your Content

The Professional Dashboard includes a few key sections, each of which you can use to improve your content. But let’s start at square one: how to access the Professional Dashboard. To find this new feature, simply navigate to your Instagram profile and click the Visit Professional Dashboard option at the very top of the page.

Now, let’s break down the categories you’ll find on your dashboard:

Track Your Performance

Viewing insights on Instagram's Professional Dashboard

This is the very first section that you’ll come across on your Professional Dashboard, and it provides some valuable analytics for your account. In this area, you’ll find an overview of key trends and data notes on your account, along with some comparative prompts based on your past performance stats.

How to Use It: If you want to improve your content, this section is a great place to start. By examining your analytics from the past 30 days, compared to the previous month, you can see if your current strategy is working. When you tap through to the See All Insights option, you’ll get an even more detailed breakdown of your analytics, including a look at your top content. This is a great way to see what’s working and what your audience loves, so you can create more content in the same vein.

Grow Your Business

Growing your business on Instagram's Professional Dashboard

The next section on your Professional Dashboard includes easy access to important tools, including Badges, Branded Content, and IGTV promotions. This is also the area where you can check your monetization status/eligibility, which is important if you’re trying to monetize your account.

How to Use It: The biggest way that you can utilize this section to improve your content is with the Instagram Shopping feature. If you sell products, opening an Instagram shop is a great way to create shoppable content. You can showcase your products in a customizable storefront and tag them in your posts or stories.

Stay Informed

Staying informed with Instagram's Professional Dashboard

This final section on your Professional Dashboard is essentially a social media educational hub. You’ll find social media management tips and best practices in articles curated by Instagram.

How to Use It: Taking advantage of the information in this area can help you seriously scale your Instagram account and improve your content. In this section, you can access valuable info on planning and creating social media content, understanding your Instagram analytics, and much more! Checking this section of your dashboard periodically and reading up on the latest news and trends is an easy way to stay on top of your Instagram game.

Have you used Instagram’s Professional Dashboard to improve your content?

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