Instagram Just Doubled the Length of Reels (Now 60-sec.)!

Now that the length of Reels has doubled on Instagram, content creators can finally use longer clips and even repurpose other videos.

October 27, 2023
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Instagram just doubled the length of Reels now 60 seconds

Instagram Has Now Doubled The Length of Reels

When Instagram first released their Reels feature, the content was only allowed to be 15 seconds in length. They doubled it shortly after, making the cutoff point 30 seconds. And now they've officially made their newest update: Instagram has now doubled the length of Reels, changing the allotted time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Thanks to this update, you now have the ability to create longer clips and even re-purpose the same video content that you're already using on TikTok and YouTube Shorts. With all of the press and excitement around this Instagram Reels time limit extension, there's bound to be more buzz surrounding the feature than ever before. That means it's the perfect time to start strategically creating some Instagram Reels content, if you haven't already.

What Does This Mean For Creators?

The best thing about this Reels length extension is that it enables you, as a creator, to start putting content on Instagram Reels without actually having to create anything new. Chances are, you’re already creating 60-second videos for other platforms (since 60 seconds was the time limit on TikTok for a while and is still the limit for YouTube Shorts).

If you don’t have any precisely 60-second videos, you can also take longer video content that you’ve used elsewhere (like Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn) and simply chop that long video up into 60-second segments. When you use Zubtitle to edit your video, our video trimmer makes it easy to quickly trim the front and back end of your video so it’s the perfect length for Instagram Reels. Repurposing video content is a great way for creators to churn out content without having to create tons of brand new videos every week.

Whenever you’re taking a video from one platform and repurposing it for Instagram Reels (whether it’s a behind-the-scenes peek, a before and after, a sneak peek, a tip video, etc.), there are a couple of things you should do to optimize it. 

Depending on where you’re taking the video from, it’s possible that it won’t be the right size. Anytime you put a video on Instagram Reels, you want it to be formatted in a vertical aspect ratio. If you want to resize your video with just one click, try using Zubtitle

Another way to make your content effective on Instagram Reels is by adding subtitles. For one thing, research shows that 80% of social media videos are watched on mute. That means anyone who is scrolling through their social media feed on mute is most likely going to miss your Instagram Reels video altogether. Not to mention that adding subtitles to Instagram Reels is a great way to make your content stand out and get even more engagement.

Many people skip adding subtitles to their video content because they think it's going to be time-consuming or frustrating or expensive (or all of the above). But it's doesn't have to be- you just need the right tool. Zubtitle's state-of-the-art software makes it quick and simple to add subtitles and edit your video for social media. If you want to learn how to add subtitles to your Instagram Reels in just three easy steps, check out this walkthrough.

Are you taking advantage of the Instagram Reels update?

Don’t forget to use Zubtitle to edit your Instagram Reels before you post! Sign up for a free account today and start creating instantly.

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