Why LinkedIn Video Is Crucial For Marketers

Trying to find focus in your video and social marketing? Here we discuss why LinkedIn Video is the most crucial for businesses and video marketers.

October 27, 2023
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Why LinkedIn video is crucial for marketers

Today, with video content making up over 80% of all content consumed on the internet, it is absolutely crucial that you utilize video to promote your business, brand, or podcast. So your next question may be... “what platform is the best one for me to post videos on for my marketing strategy?" We’re so glad that you asked! While there are many platforms to choose from, LinkedIn video has been proven to be one of the most important video platforms for marketers to utilize since its launch.

LinkedIn’s Video Launch

While LinkedIn has been around since 2002, they only launched their video feature in the summer of 2017. Since that time, video has become one of its most prominent forms of content. Data has shown that video on LinkedIn is shared 20 times more often than other content formats.LinkedIn currently has 830 million users and 310 million monthly active users. As you can see, there is a lot of potential for this platform.

Why LinkedIn Video Is A Game-Changer

Video is truly a game-changer for marketing your business for many reasons. As mentioned before, it is the top way that content is being shared today. Video is more engaging than other forms of content for a variety of reasons and it's beneficial to marketers, as well as the people you want to reach.

1. Allows Your Customer To Passively Consume Content

Using video allows your customer to consume your content without much work on their end. All they have to do is click and watch. We live in the technology era where so much information is being shared on a regular basis. Because of this, people want content that they can easily and quickly digest. Many people do not even want to take the time to read a long-form post or article. Video meets the desire of your customer for instant gratification. It is a must-have to reach your customer.Pro tip: If you are posting video content on LinkedIn, remember that most people are viewing videos on mute (since most people are at work or on the go). Be sure to use a tool like Zubtitle to add captions to each video so viewers can follow along regardless of the volume!

2. Allows You To Demonstrate Your Knowledge With Visual Aids

As a marketer, you can showcase your expertise through video in a very unique way. What is your service or product? With video, you can record yourself answering questions within your niche or showcasing your products. Video allows you to show and tell, providing real value to your audience.

3. Builds Trust With Your Customer

Video builds engagement with your target audience in many different ways. It provides the opportunity for people to see your face and your emotions and to connect with you. When you create video content, you build trust with your audience — they get to know you and like you. They will get to decide if they want to do business with you based on the connection they make with you in your videos.LinkedIn is one of the best B2B platforms where you can engage directly as a business with your target demographic, so the addition of video content is a marriage made in heaven!

What Makes LinkedIn Video Different Than Other Platforms

1. Targets Your Niche

LinkedIn is the ONLY social media platform that is focused on subject matter on a huge scale. So if you are a business coach, on LinkedIn you can find all the other business coaches in your industry and see what video content they are creating. Also, your potential clients can find you and get their questions answered, learn about your services, and find out about the products that you offer. They get to hear the story behind your brand quickly.Goldie Chan is a top LinkedIn video creator on the platform, with over 2 million views of her content. For an even more in-depth look at the potential for LinkedIn video, check out her video Why is Video on LinkedIn Important.

2. Allows You To Track Valuable Data

LinkedIn provides really unique data and analytics that other platforms do not provide. When you post videos on LinkedIn, you can see who watched the video, what their job is, and a variety of really valuable insights about who is consuming your content. You can’t beat that!

Viewing insight data on LinkedIn video

Why You Will Reach More Customers Through Linkedin Video

Still not convinced that you need to be using LinkedIn Video for marketing?Well, let’s look at some stats from a post by Josh Gallant on Foundationinc.co:

  1. As stated earlier in the post, LinkedIn currently has 500 million users worldwide. That is a lot of people using the platform!
  2. LinkedIn’s user goal is 3 billion. They want to be the home for working professionals and business people globally, and as they continue to grow, your potential reach will also continue to grow
  3. 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.
  4. LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies.
  5. 87 million of the total 2 billion Millenials are on LinkedIn. Like it or not, Millenials are decision-makers of the future.
  6. 44% of all LinkedIn users are women. It is becoming a platform for all people, no matter who you want to connect with in the business world.
  7. LinkedIn is the #1 social platform B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%. Twitter- 89%, Facebook- 77%, Youtube-77%, Google-61%. It is the best place for B2B marketing.
  8. 91% of marketing executives list LinkedIn as the best place to find quality content.
  9. LinkedIn generates 3x more conversions than Facebook or Twitter.
  10. Only 3 million users share content weekly. This is huge because 3 million users are getting 9 billion impressions each week. Only 1% of the total LinkedIn users are getting 9 billion impressions. This is a huge opportunity because this means that for you as a marketer there are many people that you can reach in this time with your content.

(Click here for the full list of 50+ LinkedIn Statistics Marketers Need To Know in 2022)

Engagement Is Higher Than Ever

Engagement on LinkedIn has increased steadily since its beginning. It has been a platform that continues to grow. With a large number of users and a huge percentage of those users using the platform regularly, there are many opportunities for marketers. As a marketer, you are able to reach and connect with your target audience in a big way on LinkedIn. 68% of marketers plan to use it in 2022 Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon!Higher engagement matters for marketing. The more people that are engaged in a platform, the more connections that you can make as you create content. When people are engaged with your content, the rewards are endless. That’s more traffic to your website and more people seeing what it is that you do.

Changes In The LinkedIn Algorithms

On top of all this, LinkedIn has been making positive changes to their systems and algorithms increasing the quality of content being shared. The changes that have been made to benefit those marketing on the platform!Recently, improvements were made to the algorithm to reward quality content, not quantity. The algorithm now looks at how people are interacting with content and if your content is doing well, it will keep showing up in the feeds. Users are able to comment specifically on posts so that data is looked into by LinkedIn to analyze why posts are performing well.If you are creating quality video content, these algorithm changes are only going to increase your engagement.

What are you waiting for?

So, there you have it. These are the reasons why LinkedIn video is crucial for marketers! And it's why, here at Zubtitle, we are creating tools to help you make more effective videos on LinkedIn and similar platforms.Zubtitle is an app that allows you to quickly add captions to your videos so you can increase engagement with your audience. Learn more about how to add captions to LinkedIn videos in our previous blog post.So what are you waiting for? Start creating valuable video content on LinkedIn that will grow your reach and influence.

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