Introducing the 'My Videos' Page - Access Video Drafts Anytime

We're excited to share our latest update! We've added the 'My Videos' page, allowing you to view and edit your previous Zubtitle videos & drafts.

October 27, 2023
5 min read
Introducing the My Videos page access video drafts anytime

Welcome to 2019 🎉🎉

We have big plans for this year and we know you do to! We are working hard at making Zubtitle the easiest and fastest way to add captions to your videos online.

To kick off the year, we're excited to share our latest update! We've just added the 'My Videos' page, which is now live on your account. Go on and login to your Zubtitle account to check it out:

The 'My Videos' Page

This new page stores all of the videos you upload into Zubtitle, so that you can go back and make changes or download the videos you've previously added subtitles to!

There are also two tabs for your projects: one for completed videos–the ones you've already downloaded at some point–and drafts. Drafts, of course, are the videos that you have uploaded but haven't rendered into final videos. If at any time you stop editing a video (or accidentally close out of your browser tab 😲), don't fret! You can always come back to it via the Drafts page and you won't lose any progress.

This is just a small way we're making it easier to manage your work within Zubtitle and save you time in finishing up your videos by adding captions.

New To Zubtitle?

Zubtitle allows you to add captions to any video right in your browser - that's right, no need to bother with expensive production software! Here is how it works:

  1. Upload your video file into Zubtitle.
  2. Let Zubtitle run its magic and automatically transcribe your video.
  3. Review your generated captions and edit them as needed.
  4. Click the down arrow Download symbol at the top of the page to generate your video.

For a more detailed walkthrough, click here for a written version or here for a video walkthrough.

Ready to get started adding captions to your videos?

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