Product Update: New Animated Caption Templates

Our latest product update expands our already extensive template library to include three new animated caption templates.

October 29, 2023
5 min read
Product update new animated caption templates

Product Update: New Animated Caption Templates

Here at Zubtitle, we’re always striving to exceed your expectations and provide creators with the best, simplest tools to help you grow your communities and scale on social media. We take content creation and editing tasks off your plate so that you can focus on the bigger picture!

That’s why we’re always updating and adding new features to our product. And that’s why we’re so thrilled to announce a new product update: new animated caption templates! 🎉

Our latest update gives you more creative freedom and options than ever before. We’ve expanded our already extensive template library to include three new template styles that include our caption animation feature. 

What are templates?

Templates are one of our most game-changing features for creators. You can use the template feature to quickly select a video style from a list of options or even create your own style template (that you can save and use again later). Using a template can make your video editing process faster than ever — so you can spend less time editing and more time getting your video content in front of your audience.

What are animated captions?

You’ve probably already seen animated captions, even if you don’t realize it. Ever run across a video like this on social media? ⬇️

You may have thought that videos like this were put together by a video editing team or some expensive software. But you can create videos exactly like this with our animated caption feature! 

Animated captions can help you get more views and engagement compared to standard subtitles, increase watch times, help viewers follow along more easily, and look like a pro without a fancy editing team. 

And now, with our latest update, you can not only add animated captions but style your entire video so that it’s optimized for any social media platform with a single click. 

How to use new animated caption templates

Once you log into your Zubtitle account (or create a new account), just upload your video and take a break for a minute while our state-of-the-art transcription software converts all of your audio to timed captions 😎 After that, you’ll be directed to the editor screen.

Look for the Templates menu on the right-hand toolbar. This is where you’ll find our three brand-new animated caption templates: Vibrant, Lovely, and Radical.

Vibrant animated caption template
Lovely animated caption template
Radical animated caption template

Every style is formatted in a variety of sizes perfect for every social media platform: Full Screen Portrait, Full Screen Square, Vertical, Widescreen, etc. Any of these templates are ready use right out of the gate, or you can use them as a starting point for customizing your own template which you can then save and use for videos moving forward. 

Ready to try out the new animated caption templates? 

Just log in! This feature is now active on all accounts. If you don’t have a Zubtitle account and you’re ready to start creating for FREE, sign up today!

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