Why We Are Building Zubtitle

Looking for an easy way to add subtitles videos? We were too. That's why we built Zubtitle. No more .srt files, manual work, or dull subtitle designs.

October 27, 2023
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Why we are building Zubtitle

Our videos were performing poorly on social media and we couldn't figure out why

Our story and why we are building the first web application that adds beautiful subtitles to any video

We are now obsessed with subtitles.

For the past year, we poured resources into creating social video content.

We know it's an effective way to grab the attention of our market. We also confirmed videos increase the engagement and reach around our messaging (compared to other mediums).  The problem was, we thought our video content should be performing better. Much better.  

We were allocating significant resources into high-quality video content, publishing on a consistent basis, posting on all the major platforms, and following every other best practice the "experts" prescribe.  Still, the results weren't justifying an ROI.

Then we saw a stat that stopped us in our track:

"85% of all videos on facebook are watched without sound"


Are you telling me that almost 9 out of 10 people on Facebook are watching our videos, seeing our mouths move, but aren't hearing our message? We need to do something.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the solution. We needed to add subtitles to our videos. Not only would subtitles ensure that people without sound would still receive the message of our video, but it would also increase video retention, sharing, etc.

Easy, right?  Nope.

The more research we did, the more we heard "Here are your options:"

  • Add them manually using video editing software. Yuck.
  • Upload your video file into an automated system to create an .srt file which you can then upload into your desktop video editing application. What? No thanks.
  • Upload the video to Youtube or Facebook to generate subtitles (however, the subtitles will only be seen in the Facebook or Youtube version of the video). Eh. That kind of solves the problem.
  • Outsource it (Fiverr, Revi, etc.,). Our pockets aren't that deep.

Unsatisfied, we found this to be our unanswered question: 

How do we get well designed subtitles that make my video look great?

"Ah, more like animated text? You are probably going to need Adobe After Effect to accomplish that."

That doesn't work for us.

We think every video creator should have the ability to easily add beautiful subtitles to their videos. We want creators to be empowered and have control over their content without spending loads of money or paying for expensive software.

That's why we are building Zubtitle - The easiest way to add beautiful subtitles to your videos.

It's simple. Upload your video and Zubtitle uses fancy audio transcription to generate your subtitles. Then pick a subtitle style and check the subtitles for accuracy. Then press go.



We will be posting more updates as we get closer to releasing Zubtitle. In the meantime, if you want to save your spot for our beta access, head to our home page and get your free invite.

Stay Tuned,

The Zubtitle Team

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