The Best Social Media Video Editor (Fast and Easy)

Zubtitle is a social media video maker that's fast and easy to use, without the high price tag of many expensive video software on the market.

October 27, 2023
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The best social media video editor fast and easy

Zubtitle makes it easy to get your videos ready for social media.

Did you know that 86% of businesses are now incorporating video into their digital marketing strategies? And that percentage is predicted to increase even more. So if you’re not already using video content as a marketing tool, it’s time to start. Otherwise, you’re missing out on the potential to scale your business’ revenue, increase brand awareness, rev up engagement.

If you’re not taking advantage of video content yet, ask yourself why not? For many people, it’s the intimidation of creating the content, researching tons of video software, figuring out all of the different edits that need to be made, etc. It’s a lot to figure out.

But that’s why we created Zubtitle. We wanted to provide a social media video editor that was as fast and easy as possible, without the high price tag of many expensive video software on the market. So what exactly can you do with Zubtitle? Read on!

Features of the Easiest Social Media Video Editor

1. Add Captions

One of the most important features for any social media video maker? The capability to add captions! Because people often scroll through social media when they’re in a public place (where they don’t feel comfortable having the volume up on their device), 80% of videos are now watched on mute. That’s why your video MUST have captions! If it doesn’t, a potential 80% of your audience might scroll right by without ever watching it.

And Zubtitle makes it easier than ever by automatically transcribing the speech in your video and converting it to captions. That means you don’t have to waste the time required to transcribe your own video (or pay someone else to do it for you). All you have to do is read over it to make sure everything looks right.

2. Add a Title

Having a top border headline can make your video more eye-catching, and eye-catching visuals are what it takes to stop the fast-scrollers in their paths. And, just like the captions, you can customize everything about your video title… its position on the video, background color, font, etc.

3. Customize Title & Captions

Once Zubtitle has transcribed your audio and you’ve added a title, you can completely customize the appearance of both to fit your brand. You can choose from hundreds of fonts, colors, and other styling options to match your brand’s unique style. Or, if you can’t find something you like, just upload your own brand colors/font!

4. Reposition Title & Captions

You can choose exactly how you want your title and captions oriented on the screen (left, right, or center) and fine-tune the exact positioning of both. So if everything looks basically perfect, but you want your captions moved up just a couple of centimeters? Go for it!

5. Resize For Each Platform

Every social media platform is different, so in order to make sure your video is optimized for each one, you’ll have to download in multiple sizes. And with Zubtitle, it’s easy to do. With just one click, you can resize your video to landscape, square, vertical, or portrait sizes. Now you can use that video anywhere!

Want to see the power of Zubtitle in action? Check out all of the videos below that were created with this fantastic social media video maker. And if you’re ready to save yourself time and money, sign up for a new Zubtitle account today to create your first video for free!

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