Trending TikTok Sounds Right Now for Promoting Your Business (June 2023)

Want to grow your business on TikTok? We've put together a list of the best trending TikTok sounds right now for promoting your business in June 2023.

October 29, 2023
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Trending TikTok sounds right now for promoting your business June 2023

We all know how popular TikTok is and what a fantastic place it can be to promote your business. But when it comes to succeeding on TikTok, one of the main keys is to pair your video content with a trending TikTok sound. 

Now, this can be easier said than done, considering how quickly trends change on TikTok. That’s why we’re here. Every month, we take care of the research for you and round up a handful of trending TikTok sounds that are perfect for promoting your business. Just keep reading!

Trending TikTok Sounds Right Now for Promoting Your Business (June 2023)

1. Trend: Smooth Operator

This trending TikTok sound is simply a funky, sped-up remix of the song “Smooth Operator” by Sade. It’s a versatile TikTok sound because you can use it with either video clips or photos — which is great news if you have a bunch of unused pictures taking up space on your phone. We’re also seeing this one used well by influencers and business owners alike.

Try using this sound to promote your business by adding it as a background track to a fast-paced video or a photo dump. If you decide to use photos, you could give your audience a highlight reel of what’s been going on your business for the last week, month, etc. If you go the video route, this is the perfect background music for a tip/hack video or a POV video. Here’s a great example: 

@growwithjo based on a true story told by hundreds of thousands of people… #thiscouldbeyou #workoutmotivation #beginnerworkout #growwithjo ♬ original sound - Enzo

Click here to use this TikTok trend.

2. Trend: Miss Rabbit Has Fainted

This TikTok sound originated from a random Peppa Pig clip, of all places. The audio is simply the show’s British narrator saying, “Miss Rabbit has fainted. Miss Rabbit has fainted again.” Creators are using it for funny videos where they pair the audio with a short video of them falling down in different spots. They use on-screen text to describe a situation that overwhelms them, makes them uncomfortable, or makes them fall down, literally or figuratively.

Try using this TikTok sound to promote your business by creating a video highlighting an uncomfortable but common situation within your industry. You could share a stressful situation or a positive one that never fails to excite you so much that… well, you just might faint. Here’s a perfect example from a small business owner:

Click here to use this trend. 

3. Trend: Canon Event

This trending TikTok sound is simply a very short, trippy-sounding music clip. The trend relies entirely on the on-screen text you use. For the video, some people are shooting a short video of just their face while others will feature whatever the subject of their on-screen text is. Either way, this trend is perfect because filming the clip should take you a total of about 10 seconds and require almost no editing, aside from adding on-screen text.

Creators are using this trend to share a situation relatable to their niche. The on-screen text is different in every video, but it always ends with a version of the same thing: “I cannot interfere, it’s a canon event.” Try using this sound to promote your business by sharing a common stumbling block in your industry or a reason why your business is so helpful to your ideal customer (like in the video below).

Click here to use this trend. 

4. Trend: Say Yes to Heaven

This chill, ethereal-sounding track by Lana Del Ray is picking up speed on TikTok, and serves as the perfect background music for any video that’s highly visual or relaxing. TikTok creators are using this sound for everything from travel videos and makeup tutorials to home tours.

Try using this trending TikTok sound to promote something from your business. You can use it to showcase your favorite products, provide helpful advice via on-screen text with an aesthetically-pleasing background video, or even show off a beautiful place you’ve been working in (#laptoplifestyle). Here’s a creative example: 

Click here to use this trend. 

5. Trend: Hello Drama

Originating from an old Hannah Montana clip, this is another TikTok sound that is quickly gaining traction on the platform but hasn’t completely exploded yet… which means now is the perfect time to jump on this trend. In the original clip, Miley Cyrus is saying “My life is complicated enough. The last thing I need is more drama.” When another character enters, saying hello as the live studio audience delivers a classic sitcom “ooooooh”, Miley immediately quips, “Hello, drama.”

This is one of those sounds that’s made for lip-syncing, which is exactly what creators are doing. As a business owner, you can use this to promote new product arrivals, an upcoming launch, a drop you’re teasing… anything that’s going to cause a stir. Here’s a prime example: 

Click here to use this trend. 

What’s your favorite trending TikTok sound right now? Tell us in the comments!

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