Use These Trending Instagram Reels Songs to Market Your Brand (June 2023)

Want to grow on Instagram? We've put together a list of the best trending Instagram Reels songs to market your brand in June 2023.

October 29, 2023
5 min read
Use these trending Instagram Reels songs to market your brand June 2023

Instagram Reels are key when it comes to organic reach, engagement, and growth on Instagram. But in order to get the most eyes on your Instagram Reel (and even have the chance to end up with a viral Reel), you have to leverage trending sounds. 

We know it can be hard to stay on top of the sounds that are current trending on Instagram. After all, they change every few weeks. That’s why we’re here! Every month, we round up some trending Instagram Reels songs that you an use to market your brand. Keep reading for Instagram Reel inspiration!

Use These Trending Instagram Reels Songs to Market Your Brand (June 2023) 

1. Trend: I’m Doing My Favorite Thing

It may not be a song, but it still deserves to be included on this list. This sound on Instagram was pulled from a recent British Vogue interview with Miley Cyrus. The original clip features Miley saying, “I am in a very good mood this morning. Because I’m doing my favorite thing — looking at pictures of myself.”

This sound is just starting to gain traction on Instagram, which is great news because it means you can jump in before it’s saturated with content. As of right now, there are only 12.9K Reels using this sound. 

Creators are using this sound in a variety of creative ways, which means you can tailor it to market your brand no matter what industry you’re in. Some creators are using it to tease upcoming product launches, show a BTS look at their workday, give viewers a highlight reel of their vacation, and more. Here’s a great example from a handmade jewelry and keychain shop:

And another from a wellness-centered content creator:

Click here to use this Instagram Reels sound.

2. Trend: Makeba

This trending Instagram Reels song is much more popular — it’s currently been used in 591K Reels. But it’s still worth adding to your list. Why? Because this remix of Jain's "Makeba" makes a perfect background track for a wide variety of Instagram Reels.

Try adding it to a travel video, a funny dancing video, a tip video, or a video offering a peek at a new project. You can get creative with this one and play around with angles, speed, and transitions. There are truly so many ways you can use this sound. Check out the examples below from a realty group, a fashion influencer, and the official Instagram account for Tampa.

Click here to use this trending Instagram Reels song. 

3. Trend: Everybody’s Talkin’

Here’s another chance to jump on a bandwagon early. This throwback track by Harry Nilsson is just starting to really make its rounds on Instagram — the current number of posts is sitting just over 12K. Creators are using this vibey, chill melody to show off everything from travel recaps and cute pet videos to home renos and product launches.

Try adding this background track to any video that gives a relaxed, soothing aesthetic or uses neutral, muted colors. Here are some fantastic examples from an ecommerce brand, a ballet studio, and a lifestyle influencer:

Click here to use this Instagram Reels song. 

4. Trend: Music Sounds Better With You

Chilled out tracks, like the last one, are great. But if you’re looking for something a little more funky and upbeat, then this song is for you. This catchy tune has blown up on Instagram — it’s currently been used in 157K Reels. One of the best things about this beat is that it’s 30 seconds long, which means you can use it in full for a longer Reel or take a little clip to use in a shorter Reel. 

Try using this trending Instragram Reels song to market your brand by using it in the background while you show off a cool product, a recent event, a quick step-by-step recipe, or a cute summer outfit. You can even use it over a photo slideshow if you want to do a quick photo dump from a recent trip. For some inspo, check out these Reels from a local blogger, a brick-and-mortar boutique, and a travel blogger.

Click here to use this trending Instagram Reels song. 

What are your current favorite trending Instagram Reels songs to market your brand? Tell us in the comments!

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