Use This Method to Find Trending TikTok Hashtags (& Get More Views!)

Want to find trending TikTok hashtags & get more views? We've got the best method that you can start using right now!

October 27, 2023
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Use this method to find trending TikTok hashtags and get more views

TikTok has very quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in entire world. The app has been downloaded more than 2 billion times (200 million times in the U.S. alone) and has over 1 billion users. Of course, with so much volume and popularity, it can feel difficult to find your corner in this space. But it’s actually not that hard to grow your account and find your community on TikTok… you just have to use the right hashtags.

The fact is, there are a lot of misconceptions about hashtags on TikTok — like the idea that you have to use #fyp in order to grow your audience. Hashtags are absolutely vital for success on TikTok, but you can’t just throw a bunch of random hashtags in there and hope for the best. That’s why we’re here to show you the best method for finding trending TikTok hashtags and using them to get more views!

Use This Method to Find Trending TikTok Hashtags (& Get More Views!)

Focus on the “who”, not the “what”

One of the biggest misconceptions about using hashtags on TikTok is that you should be filling your description up with hashtags that describe what your video is about. But that’s just not true. You do need to describe what your video is about. But the best place to do that is in the text on-screen, in the caption, or even in the comments.

Your hashtags shouldn’t be used for describing what your video is about. Those hashtags should be reserved for targeting your audience. Use your hashtags as an opportunity to provide descriptions of the person you’re trying to reach, who you’re creating this content for.

Think of it as a hashtag formula. Take your niche or whatever your video is about and add a description of the audience you’re targeting at the end. For example, “baking tips for beginners” or “digital marketing tips for small businesses” or “tools for creators”. There’s your hashtag.

Don’t skip a hashtag because of views

If you use that formula above and come up with a hashtag that exists on the platform but is super-niche and has very few views, don’t use that as a reason not to include that hashtag. Instead, see that as an opportunity to dominate that space. Flood that hashtag with your content.

The fact is, someone is going to look for that hashtag eventually. And if your posts are 75% or 90% of the posts they find in that hashtag, you’re going to get noticed much faster and get way more followers than you will by using a hashtag that has 3 million views.

Think about what’s important to your target audience 

When you’re looking for hashtags to use in your videos, you also want to think about what’s valuable to your exact audience. For instance, if your niche is for busy moms who want to get fit or lose weight, then you have to think about what’s important to those women.

Search for a hashtag like “busy mom recipes” and then look at all of the related hashtags that come up underneath. Rinse and repeat — you’ll find so many hashtags that you can use in your content.

Use hashtags to build community

When you’re searching hashtags like we just explained above, you should also take the time to click on some of the most viewed hashtags and take a look at the top videos with that hashtag. Click on that comments section and look at all of the people commenting — these people are your target audience.

Look at the questions they’re asking, the comments they’re making. You can not only use this as market research, you can use it as an opportunity to connect directly with people in your target audience. That’s how you build the right community on TikTok. 

Consider your location

Unless your business is educational or has a digital component, it’s very likely that most of your customers and leads are inherently tied to your location. In which case, it’s important that you know that TikTok will push out your content to anyone in your time zone. Which doesn’t really help you if you’re a local business. You don’t need to go viral because that’s not going to bring in the right audience.

In this situation, you want to use hashtags that are very niche and specific to your city or state. Describe your audience or service and then add your location to the end. For instance “homebuyers in los angeles”. This will ensure that your content is getting pushed to people who will actually benefit from your product or service and help your business grow.

How do you find trending TikTok hashtags? Tell us in the comments!

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