What NOT to Do in Your Social Videos

This definitive guide will show you exactly what not to do when recording social videos for your brand’s audience.

October 29, 2023
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What not to do in your social videos

Creating videos for your social media profiles is an effective way of engaging your target audience and indirectly promoting your products and services. Currently, more than 80% of traffic online is video content. Before you begin recording, it’s important to know what you shouldn’t do that will devalue the impact of your social videos.

This definitive guide will show you exactly what not to do in your social videos for your brand’s audience.

Do NOT Oversell Your Products or Services

Building success on your social media platforms will ultimately come down to how well your content resonates with your target audience. Ideally, social videos should be both valuable and engaging.

Remember, people don’t use social media to view advertisements. People use social media to find information, view entertainment, and have fun! They don’t want to be overtly sold to. 

They should never overly promote your products and services. In fact, keep social videos should only briefly mention your company. These videos should be purposeful and valuable to a person, so you shouldn’t waste your time looking like an advertiser on social media.

Do you want to see a great example of an engaging social video that doesn’t use a cheesy sales pitch?

This video displays a story from former NBA player and champion Kobe Bryant, which has garnered more than a thousand likes. Being that Bryant is highly recognizable among Nike’s target audience, this video would clearly be more successful than a cliche promotion.

Therefore, strive to give your audience value through your social videos. People instinctively want to see the natural sides of businesses, and that can never be accomplished with sales-y social videos.

Do NOT Create Lengthy Videos

There are so many stories criticizing the value of the human attention span. According to Time, an average person’s attention span is shorter than a fish’s. Knowing this, many brands, unfortunately, make the mistake of creating lengthy social videos.

With that being said, what are the ideal lengths for producing social videos on every major platform? The truth is that it varies across social media. For a detailed breakdown of which lengths work best on which platforms, check out this blog post.

Keeping your videos at these lengths will keep your audience tuned in to the central message of your video. That will make them more likely to follow you and keep you in mind when they’re ready to buy.

Do NOT Neglect the Analytics

Much like your marketing or sales strategy, analytics play an integral role in social media marketing. This is why it’s essential to keep a sharp eye on your videos’ analytics.

This will help you to better monitor its performance, see what’s working and what’s not, and create better content.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other modern social media platforms now allow users to check the analytics of their posts. For social videos, you can browse vital metrics, such as watch time, impression, click-through rate (CTR), etc.

Want to Give Your Social Videos a Boost?

Now that you understand what you shouldn’t do in your video marketing strategy, do you want to know a way to give your social videos a boost?

Captions are an incredible way to increase the impact of your social videos by improving their SEO, user experience, and overall watch time?

Do you want to add captions to your videos for free with Zubtitle and begin improving the reach of your videos? If so, click here to sign up today!

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