Why Amazon Influencers Should Add Subtitles to Their Videos

Just like everywhere else, video content reigns supreme on Amazon. Here's why Amazon Influencers should add subtitles to their videos.

Why Amazon Influencers should add subtitles to their videos

In the rapidly evolving world of influencer marketing, Amazon has established itself as a powerhouse for product recommendations and reviews. And Amazon Influencers play a major role in shaping consumer preferences. In this dynamic landscape, video content reigns supreme… but there's a major, often-missed video optimization that can significantly enhance an influencer's reach and impact. Let’s talk about how important it is for Amazon Influencers to add subtitles to their videos.

Why Amazon Influencers Should Add Subtitles to Their Videos 

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension of the Amazon affiliate program that brings product-related content from Influencers onto Amazon to help customers research and discover products they might be interested in. An influencer is anyone who has a meaningful social media following. Influencers across any category can participate in this program. Currently you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook account to qualify.

Why Amazon Influencers Need Subtitles

More eye on your content

One of the primary reasons Amazon Influencers should consider adding subtitles to their videos is to make their content accessible to a broader audience. After all, research has shown that 80% of social videos are watched on mute. That means, if you share videos without subtitles, you could be missing out on a majority of your potential audience. 

Plenty of influencers and creators skip the step of adding subtitles because they think it’s too much work or has to involve a complicated editing tool. But that’s why we created Zubtitle. With our tool, you can automatically transcribe your audio into timed captions, edit those captions, customize your video with your logo, brand colors, and fonts, add animated captions, include eye-catching elements like a headline and a progress bar, and much more! 

Enhanced discoverability

You probably already know that SEO is a vital component when it comes to digital marketing, and that extends to video content. When you add subtitles to your videos, search engines can index the text, which makes it easier for users to discover your content through organic searches. Adding subtitles can increase the chances of your videos appearing in search results, expanding your reach and helping you connect with a larger audience.

Improved engagement

Videos with subtitles tend to have higher engagement rates. That’s because viewers are more likely to watch a video in its entirely if they can read along with the content, and watching it in full increases the chances of that person engaging with your video content in some way (liking, commenting, sharing, etc.). Higher engagement rates can, in turn, lead to increased trust and loyalty among your audience, which is particularly important for Amazon Influencers who rely on their followers' trust to make product recommendations.

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