Why You May Want to Start Creating Video Content on Twitter (in 2023)

Recently, Twitter made a big announcement about ad revenue sharing. And that means you may want to start thinking about creating video content on Twitter.

October 29, 2023
5 min read
Why you may want to start creating video content on Twitter in 2023

Twitter has been in flux for a little while now, ever since its acquisition by Elon Musk. And Musk has clearly been working on ways to get more creators to incorporate Twitter into their social media strategies. In a couple of recent tweets, Elon Musk has made reference to the fact that Twitter will soon be offering advertising revenue share to its creators.

That means, if you’re not already active on the platform, you may want to start thinking about creating video content for Twitter. Let’s talk about what we know so far, what the future of Twitter might look like, and how you can take advantage of it. 

Why You May Want to Start Creating Video Content on Twitter (in 2023)

What do we know about revenue sharing on Twitter?

Here’s the deal: we don’t have much information so far. Not long ago, Elon Musk announced that Twitter was going to begin sharing ad revenue with creators…

And in another recent tweet, he mentioned it revenue sharing again, alongside the concept of more creators (especially “controversial” ones) moving over to Twitter to create exclusive content that users can interact with and critique in a less-moderated way.

The only information we know for sure right now is that creators will have to be signed up for Twitter Blue (which starts at $8/month) in order to qualify for revenue sharing. Elon Musk has also said that the ad revenue shares will come from ads that appear in creators’ tweet reply threads. But we don’t currently know what percentage of ad revenue will be shared with creators or any other details about Musk’s plans.

What can we expect from revenue sharing on Twitter?

While we don’t know much about Twitter’s plans for ad revenue sharing, we can safely assume that it will probably resemble revenue sharing programs on other platforms. After all, Twitter isn’t alone with their ad-sharing initiative. With so much competition now in the social media space, most platforms are searching for sustainable ways to keep creators on their specific platform and incentivize them to create more content there. 

Take YouTube, for example. YouTube recently replaced their YouTube Shorts Fund with the YouTube Partner Program, the platform’s method for creators to earn a share of advertising revenue with YouTube Shorts. Qualifying YouTube Shorts creators can keep up to 45% of advertising revenue generated from their Shorts content. 

Why you may want to start creating video content on Twitter

For one thing, this announcement bodes well for Twitter’s popularity. We all know that the platform has had its ups and downs over the last few years, with some declaring that the platform is dead — or, at the very least, on its way out. But this news shows that the powers that be are doing their best to keep the platform alive and possibly restore it to its once-heralded status amongst the available social media platforms. 

If Twitter is willing to share ad revenue with its creators to a degree that proves enticing, we may see more and more creators flock to the platform. Especially if it really can return to this state that Elon Musk is promising, where users can engage and debate freely. After all, there’s a reason that Twitter was once considered the “town square” of social media. That freedom, along with the potential to monetize, may be enough of a draw to increase the popularity of Twitter. 

And, if that ends up being the case, the time to act is now. It’s always good to be on the front-end when creators begin to migrate to a social media platform en masse. If you start creating video content on Twitter now, you can be ahead of the curve. Especially if you’re editing and optimizing your videos to make them stand out from the crowd…

How to edit and optimize your video content for Twitter

Add subtitles and a headline

You want your video content on Twitter to be as eye-catching and accessible as possible. And that’s where on-screen text comes in. A headline can be the attention-grabber you need to make people stop scrolling and notice your video. And subtitles are absolutely necessary to ensure that you’re not missing out on a huge portion of your audience — after all, 80% of social videos are watched on mute. 

You can use Zubtitle’s automatic captioning to convert your audio into timed subtitles within just a few seconds. Then you can fully customize and style both your subtitles and your headline, or do it all with just one click by selecting one of our pre-made templates. You can even animate your subtitles to give them some extra flair.

Use AI to create more video content in less time

AI can be invaluable when it comes to saving yourself time… especially if you’re adding Twitter to your already-full plate as a content creator. You can use our AI tools to take a bunch of the creative work off your plate. Try using our AI headline generator to come up with the perfect headline for every video. Our tool will automatically transcribe your video and summarize it into a single headline.

You can even check writing posts for Twitter off your to-do list. Just use Zubtitle’s AI social media post generator to quickly generate text written specifically for effectiveness on social media platforms.

Are you creating video content on Twitter? Tell us what you think about all of this Twitter news in the comments!

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