Why You Should Be Sending Personalized LinkedIn Video Messages

Personalized LinkedIn video messages can be a great tool for taking your LinkedIn marketing and networking to the next level.

October 29, 2023
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Why you should be sending personalized LinkedIn video messages

When it comes to networking and organic reach, it’s hard to top LinkedIn. Even after almost 20 years, the platform is still constantly growing — according to the data, two professionals join LinkedIn every second. You’ve probably incorporated LinkedIn into your digital marketing strategy and maybe even used video content to enhance your profile (think Cover Story videos). But are you sending personalized LinkedIn video messages? 

Personalized video messages are an option on LinkedIn that many people don’t even realize exist. But they can be a great tool for taking your LinkedIn marketing and networking to the next level. 

Why You Should be Sending Personalized LinkedIn Video Messages

Gives you the opportunity to be impactful

To put it simply, personalized video messages on LinkedIn are just more… personal. If you’re active at all on LinkedIn, you probably already know that sales-y DMs are a dime a dozen. And no matter how great your DM scripts are, you just can’t get the same personal connection as you can with a video.

When you send personalized LinkedIn video messages, you’re taking a human-centered approach to your potential client or connection. And your humanity is the way to be most relatable to the person you’re trying to reach. Instead of another annoying hard sell in their inbox, they’re going to see a real person with a smile, a personality, and a voice.

Targets people who are too busy/distracted to read

In the same vein, sometime whoever you’re messaging is just too busy, distracted, and overwhelmed to read all of the LinkedIn messages they’re receiving on a weekly basis. But did you know that open rates for emails increase by 2-3x when the word “video” is in the subject line? And email open-to-reply rates typically increase by 8x when the message includes a personal sales video.

These trends hold true for LinkedIn messaging too. The fact is, video content is just more easily digestible. And sending a video message on LinkedIn automatically increases the likelihood that your recipient is even going to take the time to hear your message. 

Provides a more engaging experience

The fact is, our society is programmed to skim. And this has only become more true with the increased time spent on social media. We quick scroll through everything, barely taking a second to let what we’re seeing sink in. We typically only stop when something catches our attention, when it engages us in some way.

That’s the advantage of personalized LinkedIn video messages. You’re providing the person you want to connect with something that is going to be immediately more engaging and attention-grabbing than if you send them a block of text. We’re naturally hard-wired to respond more to a human in front of us than to paragraphs of text. So use that information to your advantage.

Enables you to effectively reach your most important audience

Here is perhaps the most important piece of the LinkedIn messaging puzzle: you don’t have to send LinkedIn video messages to everyone. You don’t have to send them every time. LinkedIn video messages are a tool, and they’re most effective when they’re reserved for your highest-value targets. 

And since you really want these video message to land, when you do choose to send them, it’s also important to make sure they’re fully optimized so they can have the maximum impact. That’s why it’s so important to edit and optimize a LinkedIn video message, just like you would any social media video.

The best way to ensure that your video stands out is to add captions. Captions can help you rise above the crowd and make your video content more memorable. Plus, there’s a good chance that the person viewing your video has their phone or device on mute, which means subtitles aren’t just eye-catching — they’re necessary.

If you want a quick and easy way to optimize your LinkedIn video messages, try Zubtitle! Our state-of-the-art software automatically transcribes your audio and converts it to timed captions. You can also use Zubtitle to add other attention-grabbing details like a headline, a progress bar, your logo, and more. 

Ready to start sending personalized LinkedIn video messages? 

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And if you want to learn more about growing your business and monetizing on LinkedIn, check out this video (and our TikTok):

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