Zubtitle 2022: Year in Review

In honor of 2022 coming to a close, we want to take a look back at the past 12 months and acknowledge all of the things we experienced and accomplished here at Zubtitle. 

October 29, 2023
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Zubtitle 2022 year in review

Here at Zubtitle, we’re always looking forward, planning the next big thing and developing new ideas, to provide our users with the most comprehensive and useful social media video tool available. But it’s nice from time to time to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come. And the end of the year is the perfect time to do just that.

So in honor of 2022 coming to a close, we want to take a look back at the past 12 months and acknowledge all of the things we experienced and accomplished here at Zubtitle. 

Zubtitle 2022: Year in Review

Zubtitle 2022 Accomplishments & Highlights

We don’t often toot our own horns around here… but if you can’t do it at the end of the year, when can you? And 2022 was quite the year here at Zubtitle.

In 2022, we crossed the threshold of 200k+ users. Not to mention, our transcription times were increased by 3x. We rebuilt our website, with the intention of giving all of our website visitors a more streamlined and aesthetically-pleasing experience.

Zubtitle updated website

We also launched Zubtitle V3, a completely redesigned user interface optimized to make the video editing process faster and more seamless than ever for content creators and business owners. And, along with this new user interface, we debuted a ton of new features and time-saving tools during 2022… 

Zubtitle Templates

This year, we debuted our Templates feature, which allows users to optimize videos for Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn with one click. Templates are a true game-changer for creators. You can use this feature to quickly select a video style from a list of options or even create your own style template (that you can save and use again later). Using a template can make your video editing process faster than ever — so you can spend less time editing and more time getting your video content in front of your audience.

Zubtitle Templates feature
Zubtitle 2022 Templates update


Another cool new feature that we released with V3 was video trimming. For the very first time, instead of trimming your video using a different software/platform and then uploading your video to Zubtitle for all of your editing and optimizing tasks, you could finally do it all with Zubtitle. Our Trimming feature makes it quick and easy to trim your video online so that it’s exactly the right length for posting on TikTok, Instagram, and more.

Zubtitle 2022 Trimming feature

Individual Caption Styling

At Zubtitle, we’re always invested in helping creators like you scale their content and get more views. That’s why, this year, we also introduced individual caption styling. This update gave users the ability to emphasize video captions with word-by-word styling in Zubtitle. With this feature, you can add additional styling to individual words in your headline and captions to emphasize important points and grab your audience’s attention. 

Zubtitle 2022 Individual Caption Styling

Caption Animations

Of all our updates and accomplishments this year, this might be the one we’re the most proud of. In 2022, we officially launched our Caption Animations feature. With this update, you can add animations to your video captions, which will help your videos get more views on social media and help viewers follow along more easily. 

Zubtitle 2022 Caption Animations update

Caption animations can increase watch times by keeping viewers following along and help you look like a pro (without a fancy video editing team). And they’re ridiculously easy to add with Zubtitle. All it takes is a couple clicks. Because that’s what we’re all about… making video editing simple so that you can focus on CREATING!

Zubtitle 2022 Caption Animations feature

What are your highlights and accomplishments from 2022? Share them with us in the comments!

And don’t forget to use Zubtitle in the new year to optimize your videos for social media with animated captions, eye-catching titles, full branding with custom colors/logos, and more. You can sign up for a free account today and start creating!

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