How To Generate An .SRT File For Any Video (Automatically)

Since launching Zubtitle, we have learned a lot about video captioning and all of the different processes people go through to get transcriptions for their videos. One of the biggest hurdles we have heard from creators and editors is how difficult it is to get an .SRT file, in addition to getting captions burned into videos.

If you know what an .SRT file is and need them on a regular basis, then you are probably going to be excited about our announcement. You can skip this next paragraph 👇

For those that are unfamiliar, a file with the .SRT file extension is a SubRip Subtitle file. These types of files hold video subtitle information like the start and end timecodes of the text and the sequential number of subtitles. There are many different types of tools, video editors, and players that accept .SRT files. They can be used to add subtitles while editing, upload closed captions to a video player, or when translating subtitles to another language.

If you do know what an .SRT file is, you know they are a HUGE pain to obtain. Given that Zubtitle is already transcribing every video that is uploaded automatically, it was a natural extension for us to make Zubtitle easily provide a .SRT transcription file for each video that is processed. We are excited to announce that Zubtitle is now one of the easiest ways to generate an .SRT file for a video.

Keep in mind, Zubtitle will always generate an .SRT file AND a final video with open captions burned in. However, you do not have to download the video if you only need the .SRT file, or vice versa.

New To Zubtitle? Here is How The Process Works:

  1. Upload your video file into Zubtitle
  2. Let Zubtitle run its magic and automatically transcribe your video.
  3. Review your generated captions and edit them as needed.
  4. Click the down arrow Download symbol at the top of the page to generate the .SRT file and receive a final video file with the open captions burned in.

For a more detailed walkthrough, click here for a written version or here for a video walkthrough.

Ready to generate .SRT files and easily captions your videos?

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