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How To Customize The Style of Video Captions

Learn how to automatically add captions to your videos with custom font styles, sizing, padding, and more. 

Our latest product development updates come with some exciting changes for those that are looking to customize the styling of the video captions that are automatically generated by Zubtitle

Zubtitle now offers the ability to fully customize the styling of your captions. You can customize your video captions by changing the font family, font style, font size, background color, padding, and more. Here is a walk through of the options:

1. Click Add New Style

To get started, simply upload a video and allow the automatic transcription to generate. Once it does, you can head to the “Select a Style” menu and click Add New Style: 

select a video caption style

2. Choose Your Video Caption Style Options

There are various captioning styling features that you can adjust. These include: 

  • Font style
  • Font family
  • Font color
  • Font size
  • Background color
  • Text outline weight
  • Padding weight
  • Outline color
  • Shadow color
  • Full width (Y/N)
  • Text shadow weight
Caption styling options

3. Save Your Custom Video Caption Styles

Simply click the Save button and your new styles will be added to the “Select a Style” menu. You can always edit this saved style or create a new one. Feel free to try out a few styles until you find that perfect look for your video captions.

4. Edit Your Captions

Even though our speech-to-text technology may seem like magic, it’s not infallible. So make sure you review the subtitles on your video for inaccuracies. It’s easy — just use the transcript editor to make changes, add new caption breaks, or change the timing of your captions.

5. Generate your new video

Zubtitle offers several pricing plans. You can refer to our pricing page to decide which works best for you.

Ready to add custom styled captions to your video?

You can begin today just by signing up for a free Zubtitle account. There’s never any cost to upload videos and preview/edit your captions. And if you decide that you do want to download your final, captioned product, you can check out our pricing plans here.

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