Product Update: Video Support, Bitrates, & Resetting

We just dropped a major product update. Learn what’s new & improved!

Here at Zubtitle, we are building the first automated and on-demand tool to add captions to videos online. For that reason, we are constantly working on our tool to make sure it is dependable and easy to use and that it outputs high-quality videos.

If you are using Zubtitle to caption videos, be sure to check out what’s new!

We released an update over the weekend that provides multiple improvements:

  • We now support additional video settings, including variable frame-rates and more codecs. As a result, should eliminate the majority of rendering issues experienced.
  • We render videos at the same bitrate as input. So, now there won’t be any reduction in video quality.
  • We support non-latin characters in captions.
  • We’ve added a “Reset to Draft” option to finalized videos. If you need to re-render or edit a video you’ve already processed, you can use this option to pick up where you left off instead of starting from the beginning. 👇

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