How To Use Video Captions To Increase Video Views On Social Media

Auto-mute may be keeping people from hearing your video content, but captions can help.

If you’re sharing video content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, each play reported for your videos may not actually relate to someone consuming your video content. Depending on the platform, there is a good chance that it’s because the video was “auto-muted".

Auto-mute simply means that, by default, the video is muted until the viewer taps the video or manually adjusts the volume options. If you want someone to actually listen to your video, this can be a huge problem. Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube all provide auto-play features but almost always play videos with mute toggled on by default.

Here at Zubtitle, we are solely focused on helping video creators get the most views out of their content. That is why we built Zubtitle, an online tool that automatically adds captions to videos to overcome auto-mute and encourage viewers to listen.

Automatically Adding Captions To Your Video

Adding captions to your videos will take you a little more time and effort, but it can be the most rewarding. Captions or subtitles allow viewers to read what is being said in the video. They are usually added to the lower portion of the video in a dedicated space so they are easy to read and most effective when appearing as the associated spoken words are said.

Watch this quick video from Drummer’s Resource which includes captions added automatically by Zubtitle:

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