5 Tips to Generate Leads with Video on LinkedIn

Are you ready to generate leads with video on LinkedIn? We’ve got our best tips on how to do it!

October 29, 2023
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5 tips to generate leads with video on LinkedIn

You might already be using videos on LinkedIn. But are you using them to draw in more customers and increase your revenue? Studies have shown that video content is an important part of the sales funnel, and 89% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI. And LinkedIn can be a great place to use video content for lead generation, especially since it lends itself to B2B marketing. 

Are you ready to generate leads with video on LinkedIn? We’ve got our best tips on how to do it!

5 Tips to Generate Leads with Video on LinkedIn

Know Your Audience

If you don’t know precisely who your audience is and what they want, you’ll never achieve maximum success with lead generation on LinkedIn. You have to understand the desires, preferences, and needs of your target audience before you start creating effective videos. Once you really know what they’re looking for, you can create highly targeted videos that will have a huge impact on the audience you’re appealing to.

Build Your Sales Funnel

Even when you’re creating videos specifically for lead generation, every video will have a slightly different goal. That’s because you’ll create different types of videos for each point in your sales funnel. Now, if you’re not a professional marketer and you’ve never built a sales funnel before, we know this sounds complicated and maybe even intimidating. But it really doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at the different types of video content you can use at each stage of a typical sales funnel…

  • It may sound counterintuitive but, at the very first stage of the sales funnel, you really shouldn’t be focusing on sales at all. This is the point where you want to provide content that’s valuable and useful for your target audience. Try using educational-style videos (like tip videos, listicle videos, etc.). 
  • In the next stage of your sales funnel, you can start to introduce your audience to your products or services. But it still isn’t time to go for the hard sell. Try using explainer videos, product videos, and customer testimonial videos at this point (more on all of those later).
  • On to the next stage! Now is the time to finally convert a potential customer into an actual customer. Try using tutorial videos, FAQ vidoes, and before-and-after videos.
  • The final step of your sales funnel should always be focused on brand loyalty and retention. The goal for these videos should be to take your current customers and turn them from one-time buyers into repeat, loyal customers. Try using customer appreciation videos, customer support videos, and tip/hacks for people who are already using your products/services.

Create Explainer & Product Videos

Even though these are two separate video types, we’ll explain them together here since they are pretty closely related. In an explainer video, you’ll explain your product in a succinct (typically 30-60 seconds) and memorable way, often using animation in lieu of real images. The main difference between an explainer video and a product video is that an explainer video should be more focused on storytelling than actually demonstrating the product. Think more along the lines of a brand video. Your explainer video should tell the story of how your product benefits your customers and helps them achieve their desired results.

Product videos, on the other hand, should be much more narrow and specific in focus. You’ll want to show your audience in a more hands-on way why they need what you’re selling. Think of it as your virtual salesperson. If you have a physical product, give a short demo of the product, just like you would if you were showing it to a customer in person. If you offer a service, try to give your audience a detailed look at exactly what you do — what your course looks like, the process and results of your cleaning service, etc. 

Use Customer Testimonial Videos

If you want to generate leads with video on LinkedIn, one of the best ways is by using customer testimonial videos. There’s a reason why even the most well-known global companies (think Disney) use customer testimonial videos… it’s because they work. 72% of customers say positive testimonials increase their trust in a business, and 88% trust testimonials from strangers as much as recommendations from friends and family.

Social proof is necessary when it comes to generating leads. Try to create some customer testimonial videos where your customer explains exactly what they love about your product or service and how it helped them, solved their problem, or made their life better.

Include Subtitles

When it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn with video, subtitles are an absolute necessity. Why? Because plenty of people (around 80%) are scrolling through LinkedIn on mute, especially if they’re using it while at the office or during their commute. Plus, even if they do happen to have their volume on, LinkedIn videos initially autoplay on mute.

So if you want to ensure that you’re not missing out on a huge portion of your audience, then you have to use subtitles. And it’s easy to do when you use Zubtitle! Zubtitle’s state-of-the-art software makes it quick and easy to add captions to your LinkedIn videos, as well as edit and style your video in just a few clicks so that it’s perfectly optimized for LinkedIn (and any other social media platform).

Ready to generate leads with video on LinkedIn?

Don’t forget to use Zubtitle to caption and optimize your video! Sign up for a free Zubtitle account today to get started! With our free plan, you can create two videos per month. To create up to 10 videos per month (and remove the Zubtitle watermark), check out our standard plan.

And if you want to learn more about growing on LinkedIn, check out this video:

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