6 Best Types of Videos to Make on TikTok

Deciding what to create for TikTok can be intimidating. That's why we've put together a list of the best types of videos to make on TikTok.

October 27, 2023
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6 best types of videos to make on TikTok

TikTok has quickly exploded into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s been downloaded more than 2 billion times and was the most downloaded app in 2021. As the app has grown in popularity, we’ve seen more and more creators flocking to the platform. But newbies often wonder the same thing once they’ve downloaded the app and created a profile: what type of content should I create?

Scrolling through the sheer amount of content on TikTok can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to decide what types of videos will get you the most views and be the most effective for your marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best types of videos to make on TikTok. Just keep scrolling!

5 Best Types of Videos to Make on TikTok

1. Videos Based on Trending Sounds

One of the best types of video content to create for TikTok is videos based on trending sounds. Sounds are huge on TikTok, and it’s extremely popular for creators to take a popular sound and use it in a video with their own twist.

Of course, in order to create this type of video, you have to figure out which sounds are popular on TikTok. To find popular sounds, just pull up the Add Sounds section and you’ll be able to see a whole list of trending sounds. Pick one and start creating!

2. TikTok Challenges

Like many other social media platforms, challenges are very popular on TikTok. Surely none of us have forgotten the Ice Bucket Challenge. If TikTok had been around back then, we’re willing to bet we would have seen ice bucket videos posted left and right.

There are lots of different challenges floating around on TikTok, but many of them are actually branded challenges created by companies to promote brand awareness. Challenges like the #PepsiCanBalance and #GuacDance (by Chipotle) are just a couple of examples. These challenges have a tendency to go viral and even cross platforms. 

When it comes to TikTok challenges, you can create videos where you participate in trending challenges and use the appropriate hashtags. If you want to take it a step further, you can even create your own branded hashtag challenge and hope it gains traction on the platform.

3. Videos Based on Trending Hashtags

Much like Twitter, TikTok has a Discover section where you can view popular videos and hashtags. And, also like Twitter, this is a great place to see what’s trending in the community and start planning your content strategy.

For a great example of using hashtags to find video topics that are trending, check out #seashanty on TikTok. Here’s just one of the videos you’ll see:

Right now, at this very moment, #summerofgaming is trending and listed in the Discover section. When you click on that hashtag, this is what you’ll find.

When posting your TikTok, the best tactic is to pick a couple of really popular hashtags and a few less popular ones. It’s good to get in on the trending hashtags that are ranking highly because it does give you the potential to reach a pretty huge audience. But you also have to keep in mind that these hashtags are highly competitive. 

That’s why using a few less popular hashtags is advisable. While they may not have as many people looking at them, you have more of a chance of getting seen by those people. Creating a good mix of trending hashtag videos is a good way to get eyes on your content.

4. Influencer Collaboration Videos

Connecting and collaborating with a popular creator on TikTok can be a great way to extend your reach and grow your audience. By collaborating with this other creator, you’ll get access to their audience and have the opportunity to mesh your style with their own unique style and ideas.

If you decide to reach out to an influencer about collaborating on a video, take some time to brainstorm content ideas together. When it comes to influencer collaboration videos, you’re really open to create any type of video content. So take some time to figure out what content would suit both of your styles and audiences.

5. Lip-Syncing Videos

Along with dance videos, lip-syncing videos were really the first type of content that TikTok became known for. And even though the platform has evolved since then and lots of different video types have also become extremely popular, it’s never moved away from its roots. Lip-syncing videos are still some of the most viewed videos on TikTok and seem to be an enduring and intrinsic part of the TikTok ecosystem.

Even though they may seem, at first glance, to all be the same, there’s plenty of room for creativity with lip-sync videos. You can incorporate dancing, recreate scenes from the original video, or add your own unique twist to a current popular lip-sync. Feel free to play around and be creative with your lip-sync videos. Those are usually the ones that receive the most hype. 

6. Tutorials

No matter what type of account you have on TikTok, we guarantee that there is some type of tutorial video you can create. And these types of videos do extremely well on TikTok. In fact, #tutorial has approximately 75.6 billion views on TikTok.

Everyone wants to learn something new! And whatever your brand is all about, you can find some way to bring a tutorial to life on TikTok. Whether it’s arts and crafts, cooking, makeup, dance moves, workout tips, product demos, or something else entirely, the opportunities are endless when it comes to tutorial videos on TikTok.

What are your favorite types of videos to make on TikTok? Tell us in the comments!

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