How to Post Your Instagram Reels to Threads

Want to post your Instagram Reels to Threads? We've got a breakdown of three different methods!

January 4, 2024
5 min read
How to post your Instagram Reels to Threads

If you’ve been engaed in any way with the social media world over the past few weeks, then you likely already know about the new kid on the block… Threads. This new text-based social media app was released by Meta in conjunction with Instagram and obviously designed to be a competitor with Twitter. Of course, having Threads connected directly with Instagram offers a lot of potential for creators who are already active on Instagram — especially if you’re creating Instagram Reels, one of the most popular forms of content on the platform. 

But that begs the question… can you take social media content that you’ve already created for Instagram and repurpose it over on Threads? And what’s the easiest way to do it? We’ve got a detailed breakdown of three different ways for you to post your Instagram Reels to Threads.

How to Post Your Instagram Reels to Threads

1. Copy the link

The first way to post your Instagram Reels to Threads is by simply copying the link to your Thread on Instagram and pasting it into a Thread. To do this, you’ll simply want to select your Reel on Instagram and tap the Share icon under your content (it’s located to the right of the Like and Comment icons). That will pull up a sharing menu that includes a Copy Link option at the bottom. Just copy the link then navigate over to the Threads app and paste the link in your new post. 

Copying the link to your Instagram Reels
Sharing the link to your Instagram Reels on Threads

2. Share your Reel from Instagram

The next option is very similar to the first. You’ll start the same way — by selecting your Reel and tapping the Share icon. But this time, instead of tapping the option to copy your link, you’ll want to tap the Share to… icon. Once you do that, you’ll need to swipe through the sharing options until you see the Threads app. When you tap that, Threads will automatically open on a new post. You can then add any text you want to your post and then share!

Sharing your Instagram Reels to Threads
Sharing your Instagram Reels to Threads

Keep in mind that neither of these first options will share your Reel natively to Threads — they simply share a link to the original content on Instagram. If you want to post your Instagram Reel directly to Threads, you’ll want to check out the next option… 

3. Download your Reel from Instagram

Welcome to the final option for posting your Instagram Reels to Threads. It may not be the easiest of the three available options, but it’s likely the best. We don’t know too much about Threads yet, since it’s still pretty new, but it’s fair to assume that it will follow the lead of other social media platforms and prioritize native content over links that take users off of Threads. That’s why posting your Reel directly to Threads instead of just sharing a link to the original content is likely your best bet if you want maximum reach. 

In order to do this, just hit that Share icon just like before. But this time, you’re going to tap the Download icon. If for some reason you’re not given an option to download directly from Instagram, you’ll need to add in an extra step and use an Instagram downloader to get your content. Just copy the link to the Reel, like you did before, and paste it into your preferred Instagram downloader. 

Once you’ve downloaded your Reel, you can navigate to the Threads app and tap button to start a new Thread. Then tap the paperclip icon that allows you to attach media. Select your downloaded Reel and voilà… you’ve just repurposed your Instagram Reel as a brand-new piece of content on Threads!

Posting your Instagram Reels directly to Threads

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