How to Repurpose Video Content For Social Media

Do you want to make your content go further than ever before? Let's talk about how to repurpose video content for social media using AI tools... like Zubtitle!

How to repurpose video content for social media

Do you want to scale your digital marketing strategy, get more out of your video content, and spend less time on social media marketing than ever before? Then it’s time to start repurposing your video content! One of the best things about video content is that it can be repurposed and used in so many different ways and on basically every platform.

There are plenty of tools out there to help you get your video content ready for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. And the best ones, the ones that will optimize and repurpose your videos in seconds, while you barely lift a finger, are AI tools — like Zubtitle

How to Repurpose Video Content For Social Media

If you want to repurpose your video content anywhere on social media, the three most important tasks that you’ll need to accomplish are transcribing, trimming, and resizing. Luckily, you can do all of these things in one place (plus much more) with Zubtitle. 

Using AI to transcribe your videos

Transcribing any video content that you create for social media is absolutely vital for a couple of reasons. First of all, transcribing allows you to easily add subtitles to your social media videos, ensuring that all of your viewers can appreciate your video, even if they’re watching on mute. 

When you use Zubtitle, our state-of-the-art AI software will transcribe all of your audio in just a few seconds and turn it into timed subtitles. Then, you can style and animate those subtitles to make them eye-catching and aligned with your branding. 

Using AI to transcribe and repurpose video content

Turn a video transcript into a blog

The other reason transcribing your video content is so important is because it makes your content so much easier to repurpose. Once you have a transcription of your video, you’ve officially turned your once purely visual content into written content. And that really opens up your options when it comes to repurposing video content. 

Of course, you could go through and type out every word in your video yourself in order to make a transcript. But that’s labor intensive, annoying, and, honestly, a waste of your time. Especially since we live in a time when AI is easily accessible and affordable. Why not let it do the hard work for you?

When you upload your video to Zubtitle and let our AI tool convert your audio into timed captions, you also get access to a downloadable video transcript. You can then take that transcript and use an AI tool like ChatGPT to automatically generate a video summary, social media posts optimized for different platforms, and even a blog. Now, with just a few minutes of work on your end, you’ve taken one piece of video content and turned it into multiple pieces of content in different mediums that you can use across all of your social media platforms.

Trim your video content

Another element that you have to think about whenever you’re wanting to repurpose video content is the different limitations across social media platforms. Specifically when it comes to size and length. The fact is, you can’t just take one piece of video content and use it in the same format on all of your social media accounts. 

Every platform is different, which means you have to make your video a little different every time you post. This sounds like a pain, but it’s actually incredibly easy… if you let Zubtitle do all of the work for you. 

When it comes to length, some platforms allow you to post long videos. For instance, Facebook allows you to upload videos up to 240 minutes long 🤯 and LinkedIn videos can be 10-15 minutes long. But other platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, have relatively shorter length requirements (10 minutes and 3 minutes, respectively). 

That’s why we added a trimming feature to Zubtitle. 

Trimming video to repurpose video content with Zubtitle

This feature makes it easy to quickly repurpose your video content, since you can adjust the length to fit the requirements of your chosen platform — and it only takes a couple of clicks! Try taking one long video (like a YouTube video) and trimming it into multiple micro-videos that are perfect for platforms like TikTok and Instagram where short-form videos thrive. If you want to upload a video and try our trimming option, just log in

Resize your video content

Just like video length, the requirements for video sizes varies widely across social media platforms. And, again, trying to manually resize every single video you want to post for every single social media platform you want to post on would be exhausting. 

The easiest way to resize your videos is to resize by aspect ratio. Every social media platform has an optimal aspect ratio. And, because we know you’ve got enough information floating around in your head, we’ve made it to where you don’t even have to know what those optimal aspect ratios are. All you have to do is upload your video to Zubtitle, navigate to the Resize menu, and choose your aspect ratio based on which platform you’ll be uploading this video to. 

Resizing video to repurpose video content with Zubtitle

For instance, if you’re editing a video for TikTok, you’d chose the 9:16 aspect ratio (which has TikTok listed directly underneath). If this video is for your Instagram feed, you could choose either 4:5 or 1:1. 

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Are you ready to repurpose video content for social media?

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