How to Repurpose YouTube Videos for TikTok

We all want to get the most mileage out of our videos. That's why we're going to show you how to repurpose YouTube videos for TikTok.

October 27, 2023
5 min read
How to repurpose YouTube videos for TikTok

As content creators, we know how much time and effort goes into creating a great video. And that’s why we all want to get the most out of the videos that we put so much into making. But here’s the truth: if you’re only sharing your video on one platform, you’re likely missing out on the opportunity to reach an even larger audience. One of the best ways to get more mileage out of your video content is to repurpose YouTube videos for TikTok.

Video content is so great for brands and content creators because it is so versatile and easy to repurpose. But there are still some tips and tricks you need to know before you repurpose your YouTube videos for TikTok. Keep reading for all of our best pro moves!

How to Repurpose YouTube Videos for TikTok

Choose your clips

Before you can repurpose your YouTube video for TikTok, you’ll need to decide which parts you want to use. After all, the length limitations on TikTok are shorter than on YouTube. On TikTok, videos can be up to 10 minutes long. On YouTube, any account can upload a video that is a maximum of 15 minutes in length. But if you have a verified account, you can upload YouTube videos that are up to 12 hours long.

And length isn’t the only reason you’ll want to choose specific clips from your YouTube video to repurpose on TikTok. Every social media platform is different, and you have to consider your chosen platform if you want your video to perform well and get more views. There are some very specific types of videos that tend to do well on TikTok, like tutorials and videos that include an immediate hook. 

After you consider what type of content is currently performing well on TikTok and how long you want your video to be, use those stipulations as a guidepost for which clip from your YouTube video you want to use. Depending on how long your YouTube video is, you may be able to create 5 (or more) micro-videos to repurpose for TikTok.

Trim your video

Once you’ve decided which clip of your YouTube video you want to use, you’ll need to trim your original video down to only that section. Thanks to our new Trimming feature, you can easily trim down your video and get the perfect TikTok clip using Zubtitle! Just use our simple point and drag editor to quickly trim the front and back end of your video until you’ve got the exact clip you need.

Repurposing a video by trimming in Zubtitle

Resize your video for TikTok

Anytime you repurpose YouTube videos for TikTok, you’ll need to adjust the sizing. Just like length limitations, every social media platform has different aspect ratio requirements and sizes that perform best. For YouTube, you generally choose a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio. But for TikTok, you’ll need to go with a vertical sizing (9:16 aspect ratio). 

If you’re using Zubtitle to edit and optimize your video, quickly changing the size of your video is a cinch. Just select the Resize option on the right-hand menu and click the option for TikTok. Your video will be automatically resized and optimized so that it looks just as good on TikTok as it did on YouTube.

Repurposing a video by resizing in Zubtitle

Pair it with a trending sound

TikTok is all about sounds and music. And that’s why one of the best ways to make sure a video performs well (and possibly even goes viral) on TikTok is to pair your video with a trending sound. After you’ve trimmed your micro-video and resized it for TikTok, take a look at the trending sounds on TikTok before you upload. You can visit the Add A Sound section (located on the right side of the recording screen) and scroll through the current trending sounds.

Are you ready to repurpose YouTube videos for TikTok?

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