How to View LinkedIn Video Analytics

Tracking your analytics can help you improve your content and strategy moving forward. Here's how to view LinkedIn video analytics and what they mean.

October 27, 2023
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How to view LinkedIn video analytics

You may already be posting videos on LinkedIn. But creating video content and sharing it on the platform isn’t the end of the road. By tracking your LinkedIn video analytics, you can improve your content and strategy moving forward, ensuring that you give your audience more of what they want. So how do you actually view your LinkedIn video analytics? We’re here to show you!

How to View LinkedIn Video Analytics to Improve your Content

Tracking the analytics of your recent videos is incredibly important because it gives you a glimpse into a few key insights: why people watch your videos, when they’re viewing them, and how long they actually spend watching them. Let’s break down how to access your LinkedIn video analytics and what each of them means…

Navigating to your LinkedIn video analytics

Whether you’re on your homepage, your own profile, or someone else’s profile, you can always find your Me ▼ icon with your profile picture in the top menu bar. When you click on that, select the Posts & Activity option that’s located directly underneath the MANAGE heading. Then, select the Posts tab and find the video whose analytics you’d like to view. Finally, click the Analytics icon at the bottom of your video post (you’ll find it where you see the number of views for your post).

Viewing your LinkedIn video analytics

Before you try to view your LinkedIn video analytics, here are two notes to keep in mind: your video analytics are only available 60 days from creation. And your video will display a detailed breakdown of the analytics only after it has been viewed by 10 or more unique viewers. Now let’s look at the available analytics:

Number of Lifetime Minutes

This analytic shows the total number of minutes that this video has been watched overall. Keep in mind that this analytic includes views that last less than 3 seconds. That means if someone just happened to be scrolling by when the video auto-played and just kept scrolling, their couple of seconds on your video will still feed into this analytic. 

Number of Lifetime Views

This analytic shows the number of times that your video has been watched for more than 3 seconds. Because it doesn’t count views that lasted for less than 3 seconds, this is the analytic that you want to pay more attention to. This figure is more indicative of the number of people who actually watched your video for long enough to know what it’s about, rather than just accidentally scrolling by it. 

Number of Lifetime Viewers

This analytic shows the number of unique people that have watched your video for more than 3 seconds. This number will typically be lower than the number of lifetime views because each account that watches your video can only be counted once for this analytic (as opposed to the previous one, where the same person could watch your video multiple times and would be counted each separate time).

Audience Data

The last bit of data available to you is your Audience. This section is still fairly limited, but it does allow you to identify common themes based on the job titles and location of your viewers.

Using your LinkedIn video analytics

Of course, the only reason you want to spend this much time analyzing your video’s stats is so that you can use that information to improve your future content. The main thing that you want to consider as you pore over your LinkedIn video analytics is the lifespan of your content. Take a look at a video you posted a week ago or three weeks ago and see how many people are still watching.

Analyze the difference between your number of lifetime views and the number of lifetime viewers to see how much your video is being re-watched. Videos that have a long lifespan and are re-watched are typically the types of videos that you want to create more of moving forward.

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