The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing in 2021

Video content just keeps becoming more popular. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide on video marketing in 2021.

October 27, 2023
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The ultimate guide to video marketing in 2021

When it comes to sharing content online, video is king. With every year that passes, video content just becomes more and more popular. In fact, studies show that by 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be video. That's why more and more businesses are incorporating video into their marketing strategies.

It's not an exaggeration to say that 2021 will be the year of video. Maybe you're ready to start using video content for the first time (or you want to re-evaluate your current strategy), but taking that first step feels intimidating. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide on video marketing in 2021.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing in 2021

Develop a video marketing strategy

Before you can create effective video content, you have to know who you're creating it for. So the first thing you need to do is figure out who your target audience is and what matters to them. Ask yourself what pain points your customer base is experiencing and how your product or service can help solve those problems. You should also do some market research to figure out where your target audience is hanging out online. It doesn’t matter how great your video marketing is — if you’re putting it on platforms where your target audience isn’t even present, it won’t do you any good.

The other important facet of a solid video marketing strategy is determining your own business goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Video content can help you establish trust with your customer base, drive sales, and boost brand awareness across all platforms. Spend some time figuring out exactly what you want to achieve with your video content so that your video marketing strategy will reflect those goals. 

Create quality video content

In order to start creating video content, you first have to decide what type(s) of videos will fit best with your marketing strategy. If you want to generate brand awareness, try creating a brand video that will exhibit your company’s culture, mission, etc. If you want to showcase your products and how they can solve a problem for your target audience, you probably want to create an explainer video.

Once you’ve decided the purpose of your video, it’s time to start creating! If you’re new to shooting your own video content, it can feel overwhelming. But, the fact is, you can create a quality video that helps accomplish your video marketing goals without buying a ton of fancy equipment. When it comes to video quality, there are really just two essentials: lighting and audio. To get a clear picture, try to use good natural light or purchase a light (e.g. a ring light). For crisp sound, we recommend purchasing a lavalier or directional mic (pick a price point that won’t break the bank).

Edit & optimize your video

After you’ve created some quality video content, you still have to edit and optimize that content if you want it to perform the most effectively. Whenever you’re sharing video content on social media, you have to remember that people scroll quickly through their social media feeds and have very short attention spans. To successfully market your video, you’ll want to grab your audience’s attention immediately.

To do that, we suggest using Zubtitle! Our state-of-the-art video editing software allows you to optimize your video for social media by adding captions, trimming your video, creating top border headlines, customizing your branding, resizing for each platform, and more.

Repurpose your video

One of the best things about video content is that it can easily be repurposed. You could take a long video that you plan to post on YouTube and break it up into a bunch of smaller videos that are perfect for sharing on social media. You could transcribe your video and repurpose it into a blog post. You could even take your video and turn it into a podcast episode. To help you quickly and easily repurpose your content like this, we recommend using And for more ideas on repurposing your video content, check out this blog post.

Are you ready to get started with video marketing?

Don’t forget to use Zubtitle for all of your video editing and optimizing needs! By using our one-stop tool, you won’t spend hours repurposing your YouTube videos for all of these different platforms. You can trim your video to the correct length, adjust the aspect ratio, add a logo, include a headline, and caption your video in just a few clicks. Sign up for a free account today and start creating instantly.

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