Using Video for eCommerce Marketing

Using video for eCommerce marketing can be a great way to generate brand awareness, build trust, and boost your sales.

October 27, 2023
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Using video for eCommerce marketing

Across digital marketing, video content is a great way to increase engagement with your audience, grow brand awareness, and built customer loyalty. And that's why video is such an important puzzle piece in eCommerce marketing.

When it comes to an eCommerce marketing strategy, there are so many different elements that you need to incorporate- SEO, social media ads, email marketing campaigns, etc., etc. It's no wonder that figuring out exactly how to use video for eCommerce marketing can end up at the bottom of the list.

But that's why we're here. If you're ready to use video in your eCommerce marketing strategy, keep reading. We've got some video ideas to get you rolling.

Using Video for eCommerce Marketing

Product Tutorials

One of the best ways to boost sales and introduce your audience to your product is by actually showing them your product. Think of product tutorial videos as your virtual salesperson responsible for converting your visitors into customers.

When you're creating your product videos, keep in mind the way a customer would want to experience your specific product if they were shopping in person and had the chance to demo it. Show it up close, highlight the most important details, and give your viewers the sense of just how useful your product is. By showing off the features of your product and demonstrating how it works, you can build trust with your audience and increase sales.

Searchable How-To Videos

Many customers may not know of your exact brand or follow you on social media, but they still have a problem that could be solved by your product. So how do you reach those people? One of the simplest ways is with a searchable how-to video.

By creating a video that demonstrates the purpose of your product and uploading it to YouTube (using appropriate keywords that your ideal audience will be searching), you can reach so many new customers. Everybody uses YouTube to answer their how-to questions. And there are guaranteed to be tons of potential customers on YouTube who may not be searching for your product specifically (or even know that it exists) but are searching for a solution to a problem — and your product could be the answer.

Customer Testimonials

Did you know that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other form of advertising? That's why you absolutely have to use customer testimonial videos for eCommerce marketing. As an eCommerce brand, one of your ongoing goals is to grow customer loyalty and trust. A customer testimonial video can help you accomplish that more than any other type of video.

When it comes to actually creating a customer testimonial video, focus on having your customer detail exactly what they love about your product and how it helped them, solved their problem, or made their life better.

Brand Videos

Another major ongoing goal of eCommerce brands is to raise brand awareness. No matter how specific or niche your product, there are bound to be at least a few other brands that have a similar product. If you want your target audience to buy from you over them, then they need to know what makes your brand special.

A brand video is an opportunity to be creative and show your audience what sets your company apart from the crowd. The best brand videos rely on great visuals and storytelling to evoke some kind of emotion from your viewers and create a powerful brand image that will stick in their minds.

User-Generated Video Content

Much like customer testimonials, leveraging user-generated video for eCommerce marketing is an effective way to provide social proof and build trust with your audience. When they're scrolling through your social media feed, potential customers don't want to only see polished, super-professional video content. In fact, consumers are more cynical than ever and often resist feeds that are overly "stylized" because they don't appear to be authentic.

That's where user-generated video content comes in. Curating videos from your customers not only breaks up the monotony of only sharing your brand's videos- it also demonstrates customer loyalty, builds trust, and provides viewers with an unbiased look from your actual customers.

If you want to incorporate user-generated content into your feed, one of the best ways to start is by creating a branded hashtag and encouraging your customers to use it whenever they post about your product.

Explainer Videos

If you're not familiar with this genre of video, explainer videos are exactly what they sound like... they explain your product in a succinct (typically 30-60 seconds) and memorable way, often using animation in lieu of real images. When you're creating an explainer video, try to focus on telling a story, similar to a brand video. But your explainer videos tell the story of how your product benefits your customers and helps them achieve their desired results. Unlike your product tutorial video, an explainer video doesn't need to demonstrate all of your product's features. Instead, it should focus more on the emotional reasons why your customer needs your product and what it can do for them. For an excellent example of an explainer video, check out this one from Tommy John.

Are you using video for eCommerce marketing?

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