Zubtitle Trend Report: Grow on Social Media in 2023

Do you want to grow on social media in 2023? Then it's time to check out our annual Zubtitle trend report!

Zubtitle trend report grow on social media in 2023

It’s a brand new year. Which means it’s time for our annual Zubtitle trend report! That’s when we get you updated on everything you need to know for the year ahead when it comes to video and social media marketing.

We all know that the social media landscape is constantly changing and shifting. Which is why it’s so important to stay on top of the latest news and trends. To help out our community of creators, we’ve put together a list of the top social media trends for the coming year, from UGC to AI and beyond. If you want grow on social in 2023, then keep reading!

Zubtitle Trend Report: Grow on Social Media in 2023

More leveraging of UGC

Authenticity is powerful when it comes to social media. And that’s why we’re going to see more and more brands leverage the power of user-generated content (UGC) in 2023. Studies show that marketers have seen user-generated content 29% higher web conversions compared to websites or campaigns that fail to leverage UGC. 

User-generated content is so beneficial to brands because it’s easy to source, it’s effective, it saves creators valuable time and resources, and it takes the spotlight and puts it on the brand’s most loyal customers. 

Video content is (still) king

Video has been dominating the social media world for several years now. And that’s not going to change in 2023. What we’re going to continue to see more of than ever is an emphasis on short, less-polished videos — thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels. To grow on social media in 2023, there’s no need to focus on high-budget, flashy videos. More authentic, less-produced content will be the name of the game, more than ever before.

All you need to grow on Instagram and TikTok in 2023 is a cell phone and a video editing tool — like Zubtitle. Just film your video and then upload it to Zubtitle, your one-stop-shop for video editing. You can add automated captions and an eye-catching headline, style and animate your captions, duplicate your video as many times as you want (perfect for repurposing on multiple platforms), resize and trim your video, style your video with one click by using a pre-made template, and much more. 

More focus on YouTube Shorts

Did you know that YouTube Shorts have generated an average of 30B views per day? Even if you’re not creating them yet, you’ve likely heard about YouTube Shorts by now. The feature is essentially YouTube’s answer to TikTok, and it allows users to create short-form, vertical videos. Taking advantage of YouTube Shorts in 2023 will be a great way for creators to get more views on their existing long-form content and grow the subscriber count on their YouTube channel.

One of the best things about YouTube Shorts is that you can easily take videos you’ve already created for Instagram Reels or TikTok and repurpose them for YouTube Shorts. If you want a full walkthrough on taking a video you’ve already created and repurposing it for YouTube Shorts in just a few minutes, check out this post

Emphasis on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be older than Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it should be written off. When it comes to networking and organic reach, it’s hard to top LinkedIn. And, more than ever before, LinkedIn is seeing creators flock to the platform, build a presence by infusing their posts with their unique personality, and using this space to establish themselves as experts and thought leaders in their field. 

Plus, LinkedIn has some features that are unique to this platform that we’ll likely see more people leveraging in 2023 — like cover story videos and personalized LinkedIn video messages

More willingness to explore new platforms

It wasn’t too long ago that TikTok and YouTube Shorts were the new platforms that everyone was feeling a little skeptical about. And now one is the reigning social media platform and the other is quickly rising in popularity. What we’ve learned from this history is that it pays to take a chance on an emerging platform and to jump on board early. 

In 2023, we think we’ll see more brands and creators choosing to take the leap and explore new platforms earlier than ever before. Think: BeReal. While initially met with skepticism and still not widely embraced, the platform is working for some brands. Look at creative strategies like Chipotle’s, where they used BeReal to offer exclusive discounts and promos. This is just the beginning. The further we get into 2023 (and beyond), the more we’ll see brands and creators experiment with BeReal and any other social media platforms that emerge. 

AI takes the stage

The future is now. At least when it comes to AI. For the first time ever, artificial intelligence isn’t just fodder for science fiction… it’s an easily accessible reality. And it’s going to become a must for social media marketing. You can use AI for everything from copy (think captions, blog posts, ebooks, etc.) and social media images to writing code. 

​​While AI is absolutely no substitute for creativity, originality, or thought leadership, we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of it in the coming year(s). So we might as well all find ways to use it in our businesses and to give ourselves more time back in our days. 

What social media trends for 2023 are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

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